These Benefits Of Wearing Lipstick Will Surprise You!


Benefits Of Wearing Lipstick

Lipstick-one of the most ubiquitous and commonly used makeup items of all times, this accessory is also one of the most loved! Many of you fashionistas may not quite think that lipstick has its benefits. But actually, research over time has shown that there are actually many benefits of wearing lipstick!

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Benefits of lipstick

Here Are The Benefits Of Lipstick

We decided to pick up some of the best benefits of lipstick for you, so that the next time you are on two minds on whether to buy one or not, remember, the tiny little cylinder actually has tons of benefits!

1. You Are Confident

A pop of colour, a dash of glam and a glitter of beautiful colours actually makes you a lot confident! So when you swipe on your war colour, you instantly feel a lot more confident and suave! It’s a surest way to boost your confidence. So just pick up your favourite colour and keep going.

Ues of lipstick

2. It’s A Sunscreen Too!

Did you know that even your lips need protection from the sun? It was in the early 20th century that scientists found out that even lips get tanned and chapped because of the sun. Since then, chemists and makeup brands have been constantly trying to infuse sunscreen elements in lipsticks. And thanks to the hundreds of innovations, today’s lipsticks do have a fair amount of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Sunscreen protect lipstick


3. It Moisturizes Your Lips And Makes Them Look Supple

The mark of a beautiful woman is her beautiful pout and one of the benefits of wearing lipstick in your favourite colour is that it can actually enhance your pout. You can have the most gorgeous pair of lips if you take a little bit of care. Since lipsticks are infused with moisturizers, you can be rest assured that generously using your favourite colour will actually make your lips much softer and also a lot suppler. One word of caution however, besides the benefits of lipstick, there are also some ingredients which may not be that good for your lips. In fact, a study conducted over all the prevalent lipstick brands showed that the biggest names in the industry-Revlon, NARS and even Estee Lauder had high concentration of lead. Keep your eyes open and always do your research before you invest in expensive lipsticks. Avon, MAC and The Body Shop have been said to have the purest and the best of lipsticks.

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This is how using the right lipstick can make your lips look fuller

Moisturizes your lips

Pick up the right shade and get going!

Professional Look

The bottom line is, wearing lipstick may feel a little vain, but as long as YOU love it, don’t be afraid! Wear your favourite colours!


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