Washer Necklace Tutorial: Turn Those Washers Into Trendy Neckpieces!


Washer Necklace Tutorial

You can sometimes see them lying on the kitchen sink or sometimes abandoned in the bathroom. But instead of throwing them out, we have a good way to deal with them. These inexpensive little items can actually be turned into really good pieces of jewelry. Do you want to know how? Well, read on to know more!

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Lets Look at a few Washer Necklace Tutorials

Materials you will need: (You can choose to have small washers, or large washers depending on the type of necklace you will like to have. You can also use tons of different kinds of origami paper or patterned paper to have the designs on your washers. It is totally up to you and you can go berserk with the designs and colours! After all, it is your necklace!)

We have decided to go with some large Washer Necklaces:

  • Large washers
  • Origami or other patterned or decorative paper (Optional)
  • Pencil (Optional)
  • 1 yard leather cording / Ribbons
  • Leather clasp
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Glue stick
  • Pliers
  • Clear nail polish
Washer Necklace Tutorial:
Source: wordpress.com

*You can either use the washer’s plain, just like they originally are or you can use the origami / printed paper to cover the washers and then layer it with the clear nail polish.


Step By Step:

  • For the patterns that you want to have on the washers, you will have to take laser prints because otherwise the colours on the papers will tend to start to run and bleed.
  • Now, use the washer and place it onto the laser-printed paper and position over the design area you want. Now, trace around the washer. Cut out the center circle with the help of a craft knife and then use scissors to cut the outside circle edge.
  • Now, place the washer with the smooth side down on the paper and glue the paper on the rough side with the help of a glue stick.
Large washe necklace
Source: flickr.com
  • Now you have the paper on top of the washer, but this washer will not be waterproof and any signs of water will actually make the colours on the paper run. For this, you will need to cover the washers completely with clear nail polish. Paint the nail polish very smoothly on top of the patterned paper. You have to make sure that you are not too fast with this process because it may end up creating bubbles on the paper.
  • Now comes the difficult part-creating the necklace. For this step, first of all, cut the lacing as per your desired length. Fit this around your neck and add two inches to it. You can decide the length of the necklace according to what your comfort level is.
  • Now, use the lacing which is folded in half and then feed the folded end through the center of the washer. The loose ends that are left should be lopped through the folded end.

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  • Do this with all the washers you want and then trim the loose ends of the lace. Use a jewelry clasp to fit the ends and use a plier to secure it. And you are done!
DIY washer necklace
Source: justdoiy.com

Washer Flower Necklace

This is another very easy method to create a cute washer necklace. You will need exactly the same things as above, but just add some jewelry wire to secure the washers. You can choose to have a flower with same coloured petals or you can even have one with one colour.

Here is what you will do:

  • Take the washers and lay the smaller ones on top of the larger ones, slightly to the side but overlapping.
  • Wrap your wire through the center of the washers securing them together
  • Add your washer collection to the necklace and you are done!
Washer Flower Necklace
Source: cdnpix.com


Few more washer necklaces are:

This is simple, right? All you need are cords, some beads and a washer.

Washer Necklace
Source: pinterest.com

If you have a Disney theme party, you can make DIY washer necklaces in Mickey theme and give it out as return gifts.

Mickey Mouse washer necklaces
Source: pinterest.com

If you have more time in hand, you can make statement handmade washer necklaces in colors of your choice.

Handmade Washer Necklace
Source: pinterest.com

If you love to make a single color washer necklace or in multi colors, then such washer necklaces so much fun, right? You can even do this on a girl’s night out, right?

olor washer necklace
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Aren’t these easy? Enjoy making them!


  1. How did you get the cording through the beads? The cording is too thick and I can’t find beads with a large enough hole to thread the cording.


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