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Heard Of Needle Lace Necklace Pattern? Here’s Why They Are So Trendy!

by Fashionlady
Lace Necklace Pattern

Lace Necklace Pattern

It is a surprise that none of our readers ever mentioned about the chic needle necklaces, and we wonder why? But we aren’t going to hold ransom anyone, rather let’s discuss about the famous and very elegant lace necklace patterns.

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The best part about the lace necklace pattern is that it can be paired with any ensemble. You could wear it with lehenga cholis, ghagras and indo-western wear too. Get a little haute on Friday dressing or just about at a client meet as well, because the lace necklace patterns aren’t gaudy and flashy.

Lace Necklace Designs

Lace Necklace Designs – True Friends They Are

The lace necklace pattern doesn’t ditch. They stick by through thick and thin, and they can match up to any occasion or event too. wear them to church, to the mandir, the gurudwara too, they bring about an elegant touch that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

Diy Lace Necklace

Clothes can be paired just as you want them to be, and you could go all bohemian as well. What not an awesome necklace pattern in lace can do, let’s take a look.

Lace Collar Necklace

Make It a Statement Piece

Statement pieces needn’t be chunky and heavy, too sparkly or gaudy, and not the eye blinding types too. A lace necklace pattern proves just that, they are bang on trendy and chic, and make you look a billion dollars when worn right. Maybe this is why the lace necklace pattern is so in demand these days.

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Statement lace necklace

Guess what, you can wear them to college too, and your principal wouldn’t pull you up for being a walking-talking Christmas tree! So don’t the lace necklace patterns make a best friend to have in your jewelry box?

Best Lace Necklace Pattern

How To Wear Them

We are done waxing eloquent on the lovely necklace lace pattern pieces, so let’s learn how to wear them too.

1. To make your face and neck glow, choose colours that are light and bright.

Needle lace necklace coral stone necklace

2. Should you want a pastel outfit to gleam in the evening, wear bright colored needle lace necklaces

Lace Collar Necklace

4. Jackets with needle lace necklaces are haute style statements too

Jackets with needle lace necklaces

5. Got a full bust, great going! You could drape the neckpiece in such a way that it falls just where the cleavage starts

Flower lace necklace

6. Got a small bust line, wear a hanging neckpiece in lace that sits pretty between the cleavage!

Needle lace neck peice

7. For mothers who have to carry their infants and wouldn’t want the material interfering with the baby in a harmful way; needle lace necklaces are best to wear.

Needle lace accessories

8. Show stoppers as the lace necklace designs are, bring more compliments to your gorgeous face wearing choker versions of the same

Black lace necklace


9. Got too much of curves and wouldn’t want to flaunt them, wear long needle lace necklaces that pull away the attention from areas problematic.

Needle lace necklaces

10. Wear them with round tees or tops, cholis or jackets

Needle lace beaded necklace

11. You could wear the lace collar necklace with square necked tops and salwars too!

Lace collar necklace

So here were many reasons why the DIY lace necklace is now a fashion trend amongst women and PYTs across the globe. Should you want to share your own tips and ideas on how to wear the DIY lace necklace, by all means do write in.

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Gorgeous tatted necklace

Fashion is meant to adorn and not to be an eyesore. And with the festivities happening in full-swing, this time you could show the world your fashion quotient, without metal and bling!

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