Women’s Footwear

Like the Late Oscar De La Renta said, “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” Footwear’s are a thing that can completely give a makeover to your ensemble. You can never consider yourself badly dresses if you are wearing the right kind of shoes.

Knowing what footwear to wear when is something that needs to be learnt. Like how you cannot wear jewel-studded footwear to office, simple plain ballerina’s can pull down your look when worn to a party. Women’s footwear has a whole list by itself that even the women herself could get confused. A question often asked, “What footwear should I wear with jeans?”, “What footwear should I wear with jewellery?” has again a whole set of answers. For e.g. If it’s a slim fit jeans, then high heels is a smart choice and if it’s a boot – cut, wedges do well. Ballerinas are good for long days while kitten heels can keep you standing for 2-3 hours.

Although every woman wants to own all the footwear trends, it takes time to understand the event, the style and the occasion it needs to be worn to. While there are plenty of options for the common girls and women, one must be careful while selecting footwear while pregnant. While the weight of the woman’s body increases, she needs to know what type of shoes to wear. Pregnant women are mostly expected to wear only flats or at the most wedges while they are pregnant. But these days, women follow celebrities and wear high – heels too.

Ladies, whatever you wish to wear, it’s your call. But always remember that safety is the utmost priority for all and next comes comfort. If you feel uncomfortable in a particular style of footwear, just let it go, wear something better and more adaptable for your style.

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