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Yellow Footwear Trend – Copy The Celebrities

by Fashionlady

Yellow Footwear Trend

Think of yellow, and sunshine, brightness and cheerfulness are just some of the words that would instantly mill through your mind! The yellow hue is rocking the runway and taking the fancy of just about every designer! And yellow shoes is a huge fashion fad this season. Nearly all celebs are rocking the yellow footwear trend -right from red carpet to runways to street style ensembles.

Wondering How To Wear Yellow Shoes?

Who better than our celebrities to show you how to nail the yellow shoes trend! Let’s check out some of these celebs and get inspired on how to wear yellow shoes!

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Gigi Hadid

If you think yellow shoes would be difficult to style, Gigi Hadid is sure to make you think different! Pairing a distressed boyfriend jean with a baggy distressed crop top and polishing it off with layered body chain, a choker and a trench coat, Gigi completed her look with bright yellow footwear on her feet. It not only gave her silhouette an extra height but its bright pop of color against the muted denim color really spiced up the entire vibe! The secret to carrying yellow shoes outfit is pairing the right contrasting colors together!

How To Wear Yellow Shoes

Source: popsugar.com

Emmy Rossum

Looks like the Stuart Weitzman had the perfect nearly nude sandals! The exact copy of Gigi Hadid’s sandals, Emmy provides us a different take on pulling it off! Contrasted and complimented against her ruffled printed dress of blue and yellow, the sandals looks super chic and the entire silhouette absolutely hot and gorgeous!

What To Wear With Yellow Shoes

Source: cliqueimg.com

Sienna Miller

The yellow footwear trends seem to be carried to the gym as well with Sienna Miller standing as a fine example! Her outfit of pleated grey trousers and black tee was given the extra dash of color and dazzle with yellow oxfords! With her black bags she must have sweated many out even without hitting the gym! It’s sure to get your mind brimming with ideas on what to wear with yellow shoes!

Yellow Shoes Outfit

Source: popsugar.com

Brooklyn Decker

You can’t help but adore this yellow shoes outfit of Brooklyn Decker even though it’s an old photograph! Set against the flared black lace mini dress, the bright yellow shoes look so alluring and sexy that you just can’t help but itch to copy Brooklyn’s style! Pair your dazzling bright neon yellow shoes with any lacy or frill mini dress which is raging the current season and create the same showstopper look!

Brooklyn Decker Yellow Footwear

Source: popsugar.com.au

Melissa McCarthy

Who better than Melissa McCarthy to draw inspiration from and copy the street style look, she had nailed while on the street of New York! The layered three piece ensemble of sleek grey oozes a tiered effect and naturally draws our attention to main focus of her entire ensemble-the yellow suede sandals! Flaunting cutouts and ties at the back of the ankle, the shoes are not that blinding yellow and look absolutely chic with just right proportion of structure and openness to let the toes breathe! She finished out her look with simple grey leather clutch, big eyeglasses and elegant gold drop earrings!

Melissa McCarthy Yellow Footwear

Source: popsugar.com


When you talk about yellow footwear trends, you just cannot exclude Beyonce from it. Walking on the street of Manhattan, she looked super chic and very sexy in a vibrant rolled-up floral pants paired with a black button down shirt and bright yellow pumps! The pink belt, big round simple earrings and her signature Ray Ban Wayfarers added that extra oomph to her entire ensemble. She is a walking inspiration for many of us on how to flaunt yellow shoes outfit!

Yellow Footwear Trends

Source: beyondgossip.com

Doreen Dietel

Be utterly impressed with Doreen Dietel’s fringe dress paired with yellow pumps. With yellow earrings and some statement bracelets, she looks both sophisticated and filled nailing the west meet boho chic fashion statement! Definitely a style to copy!

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Mercy Aigbe Yellow Footwear

Source: onobello.com

Finally, do not forget to share which of the celeb’s look was your favorite and how did you rock the yellow footwear trend!

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