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What Are Brogues? Learn How To Wear Brogues From The Bollywood Divas

by Fashionlady
What Are Brogues

How To Wear Brogues

Nowadays, a new fashionable pair of footwear is making its way into the shoe rack of many girls – Brogues! Brogues can make you appear completely chic as well as smarten up your attire. But wait, what are brogues? For all of you that don’t know what brogues are, that are tough outdoor shoes that have patterned leather on it.

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How to Stylishly Wear Brogues for Womens

How To Wear Brogues

So now the question arises – how to wear Brogues? Teaming up brogues with the right clothes and accessories can be troublesome, as it gives off a rather sporty vibe. That’s why we’re here to help you overcome the problem of matching up your brogues with the correct attire; that too in the same manner that celebs do. So read on for the outfit ideas on what to wear with brogues directly from our Bollywood divas –

The Shorts Attire

This is the perfect ensemble for the summers. Simply pair up your brogues with a cute top and shorts.

Kalki Koechlin chose to wear rusty brown brogues (along with ankle socks!) with a white tank top and matching shorts and jacket.

Ways To Wear Brogues

The Dress Attire

Can you wear brogues with a dress? Why not! It neutralizes the excess girlishness with some boldness.

Sonam Kapoor picked out a short yellow dress and wore it along with her black brogues. This getup is apt for the warmer season and for a first date.

Celebrities Wearing Brogues

The Crop Top Attire

Grab your favorite crop top and coordinate them with a comfy pair of jeans and slip in to some brogues. A wonderful and easy going look.

Deepika Padukone looks rad in her blue sequins crop top, jeans and brown brogues.

What To Wear With Brogues

The Jacket Attire

For the chillier days; team up your brogues with a top and a jacket.

Genelia Deshmukh looks cozy in her beige brogues which fit in well with her white shirt, jeans and brown jacket.

How To Stylishly Wear Brogues For Women

The Dungarees Attire

Why not style your dungarees along with your brogue? A pretty dashing combo indeed!


We can always trust Sonam Kapoor to come up with such remarkable ideas!

Sonam Kapoor Wearing Brogues

The Graphic Tee Attire

This is the most casual of all attires. All that’s needed to be done is to pair up your brogues with a casual graphic tee and jeans.

See how Kangana Ranaut carries her casual tee and light brown brogues with ease.

How To Stylishly Wear Brogues For Celebs

These were the brogues styling tips taken from our B-town celebrities wearing brogues. But here are some of the style tips we’ve collected to help you dress to wear with brogues. So let’s have a look –

The Maxi Skirt Attire

Adorn your maxi skirt along with a crisp blouse and wear your brogues below. The ensemble is comfortable as it is swank.

Brogues Styling Tips

The Leather Jacket Attire

Sport your jeans, top and brogues with a leather jacket. This will instantly toughen up your attire and is perfect for the winters.

Styling Tips For Brogues

The Blazer Attire

This outfit is super smart. Just wear your black brogues along with a crisp white shirt, tuxedo pants and a fitted blazer.

Ways To Stylishly Wear Brogues for Women

So these were a few of the many ways on ‘how to stylishly wear brogues for women’. But when you come to wearing brogues yourself, try out different ways and establish your own fashion statement (one that reflects your personality). Go get styling!

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