Maternity Fashion

It starts from the jitters to missing your period to the confirmation of the pregnancy to the feeling the kicks and bloating of the stomach to the child birth. Every bit of the pregnancy is exciting not only for the going-to-be mothers but for the entire family together.

Taking care during pregnancy is extremely important. Prenatal yoga, pregnancy health, pregnancy fitness, tips, diet, must all be considered during pregnancy as it all needs to be considered keeping the baby and the mother in mind. A delicate period like this needs maximum support from friends and family too. The would-be mothers need special care as they would be new to experiencing different situations and feelings with the hormonal changes happening every trimester.

Here’s where FashionLady not only looks into helping pregnant women with what to eat during pregnancy, how to stay fir during pregnancy and so on, but also informs how the fashion trends can be adopted by the pregnant women. Trendy maternity clothes and footwear’s for pregnant women are all considered to make the cute baby bump show.

Yoga is another way for women to stay fit during pregnancy. But it must be done under proper guidance and care. Any additional stretch done can cause harm to the mother and the baby. Yoga during pregnancy eases child birth and helps deal with the pain. This also helps relax the aching body and the back.

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