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What Are The Changes During Pregnancy That A Woman Undergoes

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Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things to happen to a woman. Amidst all the excitement of welcoming a new member into your family, what needs to be kept in mind is with pregnancy comes loads of new responsibilities and life changing experiences. You are walking into a complete new phase of your life.

Changes During Pregnancy

A new life starts growing inside you, a lot of changes need to be incorporated in your body. The thumb rule when you’re pregnant is to remember that, the journey will not be a walk on a bed of roses. Just remember that, despite all those pesky side effects of pregnancy, the experience of motherhood is truly worth more than anything else in the world.

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List Of Body Changes During Pregnancy:

We understand that it might get confusing and even frustrating at times, but having the right kind of knowledge can be of great help during these testing times. This is where we step in. We shall be walking you through the various changes in a woman during pregnancy. We have brought together a list of the top changes during pregnancy. It is as follows:

1. Morning Sickness:

Probably one of the most hated changes during pregnancy, morning sickness can get pretty annoying. Did you know, only about 60% women get morning sickness. Women suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy despite using remedies, find themselves wake up feeling quite queasy and throw up on a regular basis. Mostly though, you can expect to feel queasy at any time actually. It usually lasts till about three months into pregnancy and then stops suddenly leaving you anxious.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Source: homeremedyshop.com

2. Emotional Roller-coaster Ride:

As pregnancy hormones flood into system you may experience extremes of emotions. One moment you might feel so upset that you could cry at the drop of a hat and the other moment you might want to run around the town distributing free balloons to passerbys.

Changes In a Woman During Pregnancy

Source: twitter.com

3. Sore Breasts:

Usually one of the first signs that you are pregnant are the noticeable breast changes during pregnancy. Larger, tender or painful breasts are quite common among pregnant women. It’s best to buy maternity bras as a resolve to this issue.

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Source: girlu.com

4. Stretch Marks:

Noticed those red lines on your belly, thighs and breasts? They are stretch marks! The Body’s way of telling you that, you are literally expanding to an unfeasibly large size in a very short time. Though, you won’t really find a 100% reliable way to prevent them, some creams may help. Stretch marks are one of the most noticeable body changes during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Skin

Source: ocmommagazine.com

5. Bulging Veins:

The bulging veins in your legs or vulva are known as Varicose veins. They are usually caused by the extra weight gained and certain pregnancy hormones. These can ache and are pretty unattractive and one of the most undesirable physical signs of pregnancy.

Physical Signs Of Pregnancy

Source: massagemag.com

6. Skin Issues:

Contrary to popular belief, not all women glow during pregnancy. Some women experience acute skin changes during pregnancy, like getting acne, rashes and marks or even discoloration on their face, neck region and breasts.

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Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Source: lybrate.com

8. Fluid Retention:

Some women complain of swollen ankles, fingers and face while in the pregnancy phase. These are all signs that your body is holding excess water. It can’t really be helped with home remedies.

Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy

Source: realpregnancysigns.com

9. Increased Urination And Constipation:

Having a baby inside you can be quite an uphill task when your bladder is in question. Don’t be amazed if you go to the loo at least twenty times a day. On the other hand, getting off load can get quite difficult as most women encounter constipation (poop-py) issues when pregnant.

Pregnancy Constipation

Source: ivfclinicsindia.com

Wondering how would you be able to sustain so much and worry about the baby’s health while taking care of your own? A lot of home remedies or alternative medicine are available today for a smooth sail through. Just make sure you are well equipped when the problem hits the turf!

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