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Pregnancy Photo Shoot Ideas – How to Announce Your Pregnancy

by Fashionlady
How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

The most exciting part about a woman’s life is getting pregnant! The sheer joy of bringing a bundle of infinite joy to this world is overwhelming. You are bursting at your seams to announce to the world that you are going to be a mama! But wait, hold your horses. We know you want to shout out to the world, but wouldn’t it be better if you say it in a creative and adorable way. This is why we are here-to give you some amazing ideas on how to let the world know that your baby boo is here! Take a look at some brilliant pregnancy photo shoot ideas.

Add some Math!

We know the math: Add a mama, add a dada and you get a bun in the oven. You can depict it pictorially and mathematically that you are adding one to the family. You can use a blackboard to chalk in the numbers and then pose. If you do not have a black board in hand, you can just pose and then superimpose the numbers later on with editing software.

Creative Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Growing Family

This is an insole cute way to let the world know how many months pregnant you are. Get creative with some Photoshop and record your growing bump on a T-shirt. It is adorable and informative at the same time!

maternity photo shoot ideas pregnancy

Source: cloudfront.net

Spell it out with your Bump

Well this one is easy if you have a boy-Because with your growing bump it is easy to spell out the ‘B’. Look at this cutesy mom spelling out BOY with her tummy! Isn’t it adorable?


pregnancy announcement photo shoot

Source: buzzfed.com

Add some lights and shadows

With your daily growing bump, you have quite an advantage over others. You have a silhouette which can’t be mimicked. You can use it for your advantage and create wonderful maternity photos by playing with shadows and lights. Your baby bump will look gorgeous when projected as a shadow. The best part is, you can take the photo yourself!

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baby photo shoot pregnancy

Source: buzzfed.com

Get Vintage

Vintage and pastel colours are so in! You have almost every maternity photo shoot concentrating on vintage colours like mints and pinks and whites! When it comes to capturing the perfect shot, make sure you invest in some flowy dresses, flower crowns and muted colours. You can pose near the beach or even in your garden, the photos are bound to come out perfect!

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maternity shoot ideas

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Then and Now

This is a collage method and it is one amazing photo. For this, you will need to pose in one photo with your baby bump showing and in the other one, you pose with the baby! Yes, it’s that simple. This will not only show off your little one, but it will also help everyone understand that the bun in the oven is out! Simple and easy!

Beautiful Maternity Photography Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Announce it with the due date!

Yes, this date will always be special in your life. Why not let the world know when exactly you plan to bring over the little one to this world? This is a simple photo-shoot which does not require too many props. Simply wear your favourite dress and take a slate, write down the date! You are done- you have told the world when he or she is ascending from heavens!

Maternity Photo Shoot

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Which creative pregnancy photo idea are you going to use for your pregnancy? Don’t forget to take cues from here.

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