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Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

by Fashionlady
How to Include Your Child in Your Wedding

Involving Kids in Weddings

Keeping naughty kids busy and occupied is a big challenge. More so, when it is wedding time. How many of you would want lil champs messing up the room where the bride is to dress up for the most important day of her life? Or for that matter, the mischievous lot going and spoiling giveaways to be given to guests from the boy’s side with their muddy and soiled little fingers. Ouch! This can be mood dampening for everybody at the wedding.

But hope is the best thing to happen in this world. Kids might be kids but as grown-up adults we can keep them occupied in such a way that they don’t spoil the mood and the ceremony. Here are some tips and ways to include your kids in your wedding.

How to Involve Your Children in Your Wedding

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Tip 1

One of the best ways to keep kids busy is, make a separate table for kidfolk and put a lot of board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly. When evening draws in, the game will happily keep them occupied when everyone around is busy arranging flowers, sweets, clothes, jewellery and everything that rocks a Hindu shaadi.

ways to include children in wedding

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Tip 2

Arranging a colouring competition would be a good idea. Get the wedding DJ announce the winner during the evening.Once the kiddos compete for a prize, their mind will be engaged in winning the prize and so won’t have time to create a ruckus in the family wedding.

Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

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Tip 3

Who doesn’t need helpers to do the running around in a wedding? What are kids for? Got the clue. Yes, involve kids in your wedding. Ask a couple of chota bachchas to escort the guests to their seats, some to supervise the waiters to keep serving snacks to guests till the time saat pheras happen, and some to help packing the gifts to be given to the guests. It will keep the kids busy in a positive direction rather than spoiling the show.


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Tip 4

Wedding moments are meant to be captured in a camera. So buy your child a disposable camera and ask him/her to put on a spy act at the wedding ceremony and reception and take photos of it. The child could click moments such as the bride and the groom holding on to each other’s hands, guests and hosts clinking their glasses or for that matter the bride and her father shaking a leg. All these are beautiful moments worth capturing in time and the little child could make it the best thing to happen by just clicking these lovable acts. Incidentally, such kind of activity would also keep the kids occupied for long.


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Tip 5

Make little older kids (who are grown up in the true sense and don’t pretend they are grown up) enjoy games such as those where they are asked to fill in the blanks. Write a story on how the two of you met and how your relationship started and then get the kids to fill in the blanks. This will let them put their creative juices to work and in the process sharpen their writing skills. Isn’t it a lucrative idea?

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Few Miscellaneous Tips

  • Stay away from using bubbles or other liquids in your mission to keep kids busy at the wedding or reception. That’s because spill-overs will get messy and ruin the ground.
  • Make sure there aren’t any flying or bouncing things around you. Or else you will have to sit watching broken glasses.
  • Give kids something simple to do, not extraordinarily intelligent as they might lose interest in doing that.

Now shun away your worries thinking kids would be making yet another mess during a wedding at home. There are ways and means to keep them happily engaged.

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