Watches for Ladies

Top 10 High End Watches For Ladies For All Time

Fashionlady offers you some exquisite high end watches for ladies, which are going to remain voguish and contemporary for ages to come. Below are a few haute horological timekeepers. Revel in the collections! Omega...
Most Expensive Barbie Dolls

Top 5 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls In The World

When we were young, all our memories of playing consisted of parks, swings, sports, Barbie dolls, teddy bears , toys , clay and so much more. It was a simpler time when toys were...

How To Buy Jewelry On Ebay – Tips To Maneuver Smart Purchasing

Did you know two-third of Americans shop online and that online revenue earned by jewelry and watch industry is around $10 billion in the last 5 years? Such is the craze of the Internet shopping...
Baby Oil Home Remedies

Baby Oil Home Remedies

Recently, we shared with you the use of baby oil for beauty regimen. If you thought baby oil was meant only for nourishing baby soft skin and honing beauty, think again. This lovely moisturising...
Best Shopping Destinations In India

Best Places For Wedding Shopping In India

A little bird came and told us that you have got engaged. Woohoo! It’s time for party sharty and celebrations. But why do I see sweat trickling down from your face? Feeling worried about...
Best Street Shopping Places In India

10 Best Street Shopping Places In India That Are a Must-Check

Okay, we know shopping runs in your blood. And that is permitted, as how can you separate womenfolk from their pet passion of street shopping. But with skyrocketing prices and given the fact that...
Tips To Make Your Clothes Look New

How To Keep Your Wardrobe Young: Tips To Make Your Clothes Look New

Shopping nowadays might be an easy job, but laundry is the other side which can’t be avoided. How you look after and launder your clothes can affect the shape, look as well as longevity...

Let’s Learn From 5 Bollywood Divas On How To Dress Like A Lady Without...

From B-Town divas to Hollywood beauties, grandmoms to moms, aunts to the female boss at work, we see the reign of femininity, in more ways than one. An old adage says “Being a woman...
Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Most Expensive Shoes In The World – Most Beautiful Shoes Ever!

Many high-end designers have been inspired by various celebrities, iconic products, classic designs and much more to make these special shoes that cost more than a million bucks! We really wonder who those unknown people...
benefits of banana peel

Folks, You Will Go Bananas With Banana Peel Uses

Munch munch or shake shake, you can do so much with a banana. Guess the common tendency we all have - throw the banana peel into a trash bin. However, when you hear of...

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