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Top 10 Ways Celebrities Multitask Their Makeup Products

by Fashionlady
Multitask Makeup Products

Wouldn’t it be perfect if one magic wand could be all that you need in your makeup arsenal? In a utopian world, one single makeup product could be used as a concealer, a primer and even a rouge or a lipstick – so much time and money could be saved!

Multitasking Beauty Products

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Well, thanks to the marvels of the modern world, we do have tons of multitasking makeup products now available! And the best thing is, celebs have led the way, so we know that these have been tried and tested – after all, their face is part of show business and if these makeup products work for them, they sure will work for us.

List Of Top 10 Ways Celebrities Multitask Their Makeup:

In this article, we will tell you 10 genius ways celebrities multitask their makeup products and hopefully, at the end of the article, you will learn some hacks too!

1. Turn Your Lipstick Into A Blush:

One of the oldest tricks in the book, using lipstick as a blush is something that even our mums used to do when they were running short of time. It’s simple and sweet and can suit every pocket.

Lipstick Into A Blush

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Lindsay Lohan loves this trick and uses her cream lipsticks as a blush. In fact, she loves the trick so much that she even came up with the same formula for her range of creamy lipsticks that of course can be used as a blush too. She has made these lipsticks in a way that you can use it on your cheeks too and it wouldn’t make the skin greasy– now that’s one smart move!

2. Use Your Old Mascara As Hairspray To Tame Down Flyaways:

Those tiny, baby hair and flyaways can actually irk any woman, but did you know that something really small could come to your rescue. We thank our lucky stars for Mandy Moore discovering this trick. She advises us that instead of using a comb just use an old mascara to tame your flyaways.

Old Mascara As Hairspray

Source: canacopegdl.com

3. Using Nude Concealers As Lipsticks:

Trust the celebs to come up with the smartest multitasking ideas and Gigi Hadid always has the best tricks in her makeup bag! When Gigi was just a high school kid, she wasn’t too fond of her dark lips and she loved wearing nude colors.

When she couldn’t find a lipstick that matched her lips perfectly, she decided to use Maybelline’s concealer on her lips and ever since then, she has loved this trick. Not only will the concealer match your lips perfectly, it is also cheap and effective. You wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on nude lipsticks now that you have an awesome multitasking product!

Concealers As Lipsticks

Source: brushandpowder.com

4. Using Your Eyeliner As A Lipstick:

Even before Kylie Jenner became the lip kit goddess that we know today, the celeb has always dabbled and experimented with lip colors. In fact, when one fine day she couldn’t find a matte black lipstick, she decided to use her black eyeliner. Of course, now that she has a brand, she came up with a matte black lipstick range called ‘Dead of Knight’, but for those of you who can’t lay their hands on the makeup mogul’s kits, you can surely use your black eyeliner to do the trick!

Eyeliner As A Lipstick

Source: thescentofwoman.com

5. Using Skin Oils As A Highlighter:

The perfect makeup product can be imagined as something that will also make your skin look good and Alison Brie came up with the perfect idea. Instead of using a highlighter, Alison uses oils like L’occitane Immortelle Oil as a natural highlighter. You could use the oil on the high points on your face – including the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. Not only is this completely natural, but it’s also nourishing your skin while you look like a demi-goddess! What a genius idea!

Skin Oils As A Highlighter

Source: makeup.com

6. Double Up Your Bronzer As Your Eyeshadow:

Trust the Jenner/Kardashian sisters to have the best makeup hacks. While the younger sister gave us an ingenious lipstick hack, the elder Jenner – Kendall found a very nifty trick to use when you don’t have an eyeshadow in your makeup kit. In a recent video for Vogue, Kendall revealed that she hardly carries an eyeshadow.

She uses her bronzer and a razor-sharp brush to add the golden hue on her eyes. All she does is use the brush to apply a thin layer of bronzer over her eyes and voila – the glam goddess is here! She advises us not to use a fluffy brush for trying this makeup hack.

Use the lipstick on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. Even Zendaya swears by this trick. Rossum says that not only does it look completely natural, but it also keeps your skin moisturized and healthy!

Lipstick As A Highlighter

Source: slashedbeauty.com

8. Use Your Lip Balm As A Mascara:

Bet you never thought about this! And for this multitasking trick, we have the best in the business showing us the way. She is the queen of beauty hacks and she swears by this trick. Beyoncé uses a specific lip balm to curl her lashes – Smith’s Rosebud Salve. She uses the lip balm on her lashes and curls and shines them before using an eyelash curler on them. She loves the trick so much that she uses it every time she heads out now. It’s natural and makes her curls look shiny – you should try it too!

Lip Balm As A Mascara

Source: sheknows.com

9. Use Your Mascara As An Eyeliner:

This is the oldest trick in the book and can be very useful when you don’t have an eyeliner handy. Jessica Alba’s favorite hack, the actress advises us to dip the edge of the mascara wand and use it to draw a killer cat eye. Of course, it’s easy and it can be a perfect trick when you are running out of space in your makeup bag. Just make sure you make a thin line and concentrate on getting the cat eye right! Steady hands will do the trick!

Mascara As An Eyeliner

Source: glittermagrocks.com

10. Using The Highlighter As An Eyeshadow:

We can really trust the celebs to come up with the best possible hacks – and in this case, the humble highlighter comes to our rescue. Highlighters can double up as the perfect eyeshadow. Selena Gomez says that you shouldn’t stop at using your highlighter on the designated places, instead you should use it on your eyelids as well! Just dab a tiny bit of your highlighter on your eyelids and you are ready to turn heads!

Highlighter As An Eyeshadow

Source: dhresource.com

So these are all the tricks that the celebs have in their makeup bags and you too can take a cue from them! Not only will they save you some space in your ever-expanding vanity bag, but also some precious money. If you liked these celebrity-inspired makeup hacks give us a thumbs-up in the comments box below.

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