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Common 10 Face Washing Mistakes We should Avoid

by Fashionlady


After reading the caption you must be thinking mistakes while washing face? Is there any science associated with it? For many, face washing seems to be the easiest beauty regime. You don’t even remember when you started washing your face? When it’s not any rocket science so what’s the big deal?

Hold on darlings! When it comes to taking care of face and hair, you should always be extra careful. You may not realize it now but a superficial cleansing may show adverse effects in the long run such as wrinkles, premature aging, sagging and dryness.

The FashionLady team recently approached a senior professor of dermatology to weigh in on the commonly found mistakes girls and women usually do while washing their faces and that is what I have gathered.

Do have a read to find out the 10 common mistakes we do while cleansing!

#1 We are not using the right cleanser


We usually tend to get carried away with commercials and if our favorite actor or actress is seen endorsing a cosmetic brand, we then run for it. This is one of the most commonly found mistakes we do in our beauty regime.

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Picking the right cleanser is quite crucial. You should consider your skin type first before picking up a product blindly from the counter. If you are confused in picking a cleanser that best suits your skin type which is either dry, oil or normal then it’s better to consult a beauty expert. And you should always go for a pH-balanced cleanser that’s pertaining to your skin type as well. For oily skin, you should go for a gel or foam based cleanser and for dry skin, you can use a creamier cleanser. A strict no to bar soap for face wash.

#2 We wash face with our dirty hands


Well, if your hands are not muddy that doesn’t mean they are not dirty. Always remember this mom’s advice all throughout your life no matter even if you are a mother now. I am really amazed to see how women skip this basic hygiene step. Being a dog lover, I am always in contact with dogs, but I always make sure my hands are super clean while eating and washing my face.

Wash your hands first before cleansing. This will ensure you have not transmitted the germs and dirt from your hands to face.

#3 We are indulged in excessive cleansing

In a bid to keep face clean and glowing, some women tend to wash their face several times a day. As per beauty experts, washing your face more than twice a day using your cleanser can just strip off your skin from its natural oils, thereby actually generating more oil. And if you’ve dry skin then skin becomes more drier, leading to breakouts. Even if you’ve oily skin you should clean your face once you wake up and before going to bed.


#4 We do not give enough time to cleanser to work

The best you can do is to wash your face after bath. This way the left over shampoo or conditioner gets washed off your face.


#6 We use chilled water for cleansing

I understand climate is unforgiving these days because of the winter and there is a massive drop in mercury thereby chilling the tap water.

We usually end up washing our face in cold water thereby preventing the pores to open up in morning and night. In order to ensure proper exfoliation, you should use lukewarm water for cleansing

#7 We use hot water from the bath to wash our face

While taking bath, we usually end up using the same hot water to clean our skin. The facial skin is delicate as compared to body, so it will not withstand the hotness.

Just like the above mentioned mistake, we end up with improper exfoliation leading to dryness and redness. Bottom line is we should neither use too cold or too hot water for cleansing.


#8 We over exfoliate

I just don’t understand how many women use such harsh scrubs and exfoliants with so much gusto. Like hair, you should be extremely gentle with your face. Not only cleansing, the entire facial procedure should be gentle on your skin. And if ever you see your technician at the parlor uses strong and harsh hands on your face while facial then check him/her immediately.

Back at home, always use a gentle scrub or exfoliant so as not to damage your tender skin.

#9 We are using the uncleaned washcloth

Blame it on our busy schedule or laziness, we just don’t often clean our washcloth unless it starts smelling or it color changes to dark. As per the doctor, you should either clean your hand towel every alternative day or use a new one every time for the entire week.

While wash clothes can redeposit the dirt on your face, it’s better you should use your fingers for gently scrubbing the cleanser on your face.


#10 We pick a cleanser that is aromatic

Sometimes, we end up buying a cleanser that smells best. Let me tell you, those aromatic cleansers have unnatural synthetic fragrance which can damage your skin. So better go for any herbal item that suits your skin type as well.

So, these were my top picks from the dermatologist. If you are habituated to any one of these mistakes then it’s time you got rid of it!

 Hope you found this post useful!






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