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How Retinol Creams Work as Anti-Ageing Products

by Fashionlady
Retinol Creams Work as Anti-Ageing Products

Retinol Creams Work as Anti-Ageing Products
When retinoid was approved as a safe drug in 1971, it took the cosmetic world by storm. While skin experts swear by this retinoid treatment, many of us are still unaware about this amazing cosmetic that slows down ageing. So let’s just know how retinol creams work as anti-ageing products.

Let’s have a quick knowledge transfer –

What is retinol cream?

Retinol is one of the most advanced anti-aging treatments that not only reduces wrinkles and fine lines but also dramatically re-texturizes skin. Their main ingredient retinol is nothing but a group of chemical compounds that is derived from vitamin A and promotes epithelial cell growth.

By now three generations of retinoid have been conceived and these include the following –

First generation retinoid – it includes

1. Retinol

2. Retinal

3. Tretinoin (retinoic acid, Retin-A)

4. Isotretinoin

5. Alitretinoin

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Second generation retinoid includes –



Third generation retinoid includes –




Uses of Retinoids

While other generations and their compounds are used for treating various skin disorders such as skin cancer, psoriasis and photoaging, retinol is used for treating beauty ailments including ageing. Let’s just get into the details of uses of retinoids –

1. Retinoids treat acne

There is no doubt that retinol from the first generation of retinoid is capable of treating acne. From moderate to severe acne, retinoid is quite effective. It is also capable of unclogging pores and reducing breakouts by removing dead cells. Thus, it also helps in removing acne scars and prevents inflammation if any.


All you need to do is apply the retinol cream on the face, especially on the acne areas and keep it for half an hour before washing your face.

2. Retinoids treat wrinkles

Tretinoin, the first generation retinoid was approved by FDA as wrinkle treatment product. Tretinoin, which is capable of boosting blood vessels present in the skin, enables the skin with a rosy shade, whilst reducing wrinkles. It also treats actinic keratosis (skin spots) and prevents harmful effects caused by ultraviolet radiation exposed on the skin.

3. Retinoids fights ageing

Retinol and retin-A present in retinoid belong to Vitamin A family and help in reducing fine lines apart from wrinkles. They also balance pigmentation and smoothen skin tone.

Here are a few myths about retinoids that are popular

1. All the cosmetics with retinoid ingredients work in the same way

Different brands have different compositions . While Biopelle Retriderm Serum Mild contains retinol, Olay Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment has retinyl propionate.

2. Retinoids exfoliate skin

Some retinol creams will give you side effects such as itchiness and redness, but people mistake these symptoms to be exfoliation. Actually it’s glycolic acid that works as exfoliating agent for skin.

3. By applying retinol as day cream, it increases the risk of sunburn

Although retinoids break down in sunlight and are sold in opaque packaging, but that doesn’t mean they are prone to sunburn.

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So here’s how retinol creams work as anti-ageing products. Stay tuned to check out the best retinol creams for anti-ageing!

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