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Crochet Patterns – Make Your Own Crochet Purse or Handbag

by Fashionlady
Crochet Purse or Handbag

Crochet Purse or Handbag
Crocheting is a very rewarding hobby to take up. By the time you are done with a piece, you have the satisfaction of having made something beautiful and useful. They make great gifts as the person receiving it knows that you’ve put in a lot of time and effort into making it for them. There are so many things you can crochet, right from sweaters and mittens to purses and handbags!

Let us take a look at all that’s new in the crochet world.

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If you thought crocheting is a hobby fit only for grandmas, then you need to think again. The only downside to crocheting is that it can get monotonous. But that can be easily overcome by crocheting while watching television or listening to some good music. Crochet is a very calming hobby that relaxes your mind and allows you time to reflect on your thoughts. In a way, you can compare crocheting to meditation as they both produce similar results.

Check out some of the new age stuff that you can create by crocheting.

This is a pretty wrist cuff that is very simple and easy to make.

pretty wrist cuff

Source: pinimg.com

How adorably cute are these crocket fruit cosies?

crocket fruit cosies

Source: pinimg.com

Leg warmers are not only practical, they also look trendy.

Leg warmers

Source: pinimg.com

Crochet Purses

Perhaps the most popular thing to crochet is a purse. They make wonderful gifts and little girls especially will love them. Here are some photos of pretty little purses and handbags to inspire you.

Crochet Purses

Source: pinimg.com

You can make tiny crochet coin purses to keep your loose change in.

crochet coin purses

Source: pinimg.com

You can also make some cute and quirky handbags as well. Some of the patterns are very simple and easy to replicate. If you have a little girl in the house, you can spend some quality time with her, making crochet bags and learning new stitches and patterns. Here’s an awesome-looking camera handbag.

awesome looking camera Handbag

Source: pinimg.com

And here’s a crochet kitty handbag that little girls and adults alike will love, it is just so cute, how can anyone not like it?

Crochet Patterns

If you are new to crocheting then you’d do well to start with something basic such as a scarf or wrist cuff and then move on to more complex stuffs such as purses and handbags. All you need to remember is to keep count and not mess up your stitches.

Once you get the hang of it, crocheting can be quite addictive as the rush you get when you make a purse by hand just cannot be surpassed by buying any expensive purses and handbags. And the best part is that you can customize the design, so if your daughter likes roses, you can have roses designed on a purse for her or if your niece likes the animated movie ‘Frozen’ you can have the snowman stitched onto her handbag.

Here’s a video link that will help you out and teach you how to make a very basic purse. Once you manage to make this pattern you can move onto more complex designs. There are numerous patterns available online for free. So browse through them and master the art of crocheting.


Crochet Tutorial

If you’re eager to take up crocheting you need to invest in some basic tools and material. You will of course need crochet hooks, some yarn or crochet thread, a pair of scissors, some wooden or metal handles, zippers or buttons to be attached to the bags and purses you will be making (you can find these in any art and craft store or even online).

The very first thing that any crochet beginner needs to learn is how to hold the hook and how to make a slip knot. From there you shall move onto learning to make basic stitches such as the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch. Once you feel confident about the basics, you can tackle the more complicated stitches (like the crocodile stitch) and patterns to create some truly stunning unique pieces.

If at any point you feel frustrated or like you’re never going to get the hang of it, try remembering the very first time you attempted to ride a bicycle. Remember how hopeless and impossible it seemed? But you did it eventually, with a lot of patience and determination. Apply those same skills here and you’ll be crocheting like a pro in no time. And who knows, you might earn a nickname such as ‘The Crochet Queen’.

Hope you enjoyed this post on crochet patterns. Tell us what you are planning to make for yourself or your friends.

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