Crystal Lip Art: The New Beauty Trend That’s Rocking Instagram


Crystal Lip Art

If you think statement necklaces and rocks on the fingers are the best in fashion, think again. There are stunning looking gem creations for the lips too.

Well, so far you all must have seen lip pouts in different colours (can’t say shapes). But what’s breaking the internet are works of art to pure liquid gold on lips.

Therefore it is crystal lip art, the latest trend in lip art, which has made lipstick-as-art a phenomenon. You may call crystal lip art makeup the brains of a visionary, but crystal lip art fashion is easily a gorgeous fashion which hits you in the eye, considering the way it has flooded Instagram and social media.

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Does this mean the new found crystal lip art ideas make you forget eating, speaking or breathing? No way. It’s a trend that is either rocking your lips or making you rock your lips.

Let’s check out crystal lip art pictures and find out what makes crystal lip art look wow and a go-to trend. Miss it out at your own risk!

Crystal Lip Art Fashion

The Brains Behind Crystal Lip Art

And you have to thank New York-based makeup artist Johannah Adams for bringing us this hyper-realistic ‘geode art’ on lips on her Instagram @beyou.byjoh.

Mind you, in how to do crystal lip art Johannah has used all of make-up pigments, paints, gloss and embellishments. And on an average, she takes an hour to complete making crystal lip art styles.

Whether it is amethyst, or rose quartz, there is no separating Johannah from excelling in this painstaking crystal lip art makeup, where she has used metallic liquid lip liner in order to create an effect of dripping gold.

Crystal Lip Art Pictures

Johannah is not just the one only one engaged in the business of crystal lip art. There is Genevieve Jauquet, Australian makeup artist too, who is known to create award winning lip designs using liquid lipstick, glitter flecks and eye shadows.

Crystal Lip Art Styles

Making Crystal Lip Art

Okay, how to wear crystal lip art might seem tough to DIY, but you can still achieve it by first lining your lips with either a metallic lipstick or lip gloss, then filling in the center of your lips by using a lipstick which is “jewel-toned”. Now top it off with hexagonal shaped gemstone-like glitter and your crystal lip art is ready to stun.

Crystal Lip Art Ideas

Apart from the ‘oohs and aahs’, do write in and tell us how gorgeous you find this crystal lip art makeup. With Halloween coming up, crystal lip art fashion is a great thing to match up to your jewelry. Try out the crystal lip art ideas and tell us how found it.

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