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What Is Lip Art? Unleash With This Beginner’s Guide

by Fashionlady
What Is Lip Art

Just like eyes are the windows to our soul, lips are our inspiration for art. Yes, you heard that right. In this article, we are going to talk about what is lip art?

What Is Lip Art

Lips are a wonderful canvas and especially for those of us who love art and makeup. It can be the perfect canvas for us to unleash the hidden artist. Also, unlike other makeup trends, it is not like treading into chopping waters because anything you do with those pouts is bound to look nice!

Lip Art Designs And It’s History

If you take some steps back into history, you will see that lip art has been practiced since ages. Well, in those old ages, lip kits and lip sticks and glosses weren’t an accessory, but painting of lips was something that even our ancestors had done. It is nothing but a way of expressing ourselves and whether we do it with lipsticks or with any form of accessory or makeup, it is still going to be art.

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Lips Painting

Source: designsnext.com

In this article, we will be talking about lip art designs- designs that are going to leave your mind blown but at the same time, easy enough to be replicated too! In fact, if you browse through Instagram now, lip art makeup is actually a pretty popular thing and beauty bloggers all around the world are using crazy stuff to come up with some mind-blowing designs. Let’s check out some lip pop art that’s taking the world by a storm.

Let’s Start Simple: Ombre Lips

You have seen ombre hair and ombre nails, ombre lips are a possibility too! Neon ombre lips are actually a great way to amp up your glam look. But mind you, they need some real confidence to be carried out and also a great deal of precision. Even then, this is the easiest kind of lip art that you can start with.

Painting Of Lips

Source: pinterest.com

Take two bright neon colours- Pink and Orange. The trick is to colour the lip with one colour and ombre out with the other. You can choose any one you like. Once you are one lining and colouring your lip with one colour, take the other and dab on the inner side of the lips (Just like the picture). The second colour should radiate out from the middle of the lips. When you are done, just roll your lips together for the blending touches.

Ombre Lips

Source: wp.com

Decal Lips

If patterns and intricate designs are your thing, then decal lips can take you places. Especially this rose printed lips is a must for those of you who love florals. Use a dark colour lipstick for a base or background (Burgundy, Navy, Indigo or Magenta) and use a brush dipped in golden liquid eye-shadow to draw the patterns. Difficulty level is pretty high in this one because you will need to use the brush with utmost precision. But these lips are to die for! Try and see

Lip Art Designs

Source: vladamua.tumblr.com


Take a look at these designs from the same artist (She goes by the name Vladamua on Instagram)

Lip Art Makeup

Source: instagram.com

Rhinestone Lips

The girl who loves glitter cannot stay away from rhinestones and rhinestone lips are an art in themselves! It was actually a look from the Dior runway and it’s an amazing look for someone who is in hurry but needs to look glammed up! This look, as you may have already guessed, is achieved by sticking rhinestones on top of your lipstick. The key is to stick as many rhinestones as possible but at the same time have them perfect at their place. The key is to use eyelash glue.

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