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5 Amazing Summer Lipstick Shades – Say Hello To Luscious Lips This Summer

by Fashionlady
Summer Lipstick For Indian Skin

Summer Lipstick Shades

Summer time means lots of colors. We have already spoken about the color wheel, so refer to that when choosing your summer lipstick shades. Summer means you can flaunt glossy warm colors and cool toned shades too, but remember to wear them at the right time of the day or the night, so that the grayish look doesn’t come through. The next time you check out one of the famous brands for Indian lips, do keep these five awesome summer lipstick shades in mind.

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Summer Lipstick For Indian Skin

These are shades that can be worn everywhere- work, college, causal meets, to the bar and pubs, special events, and even on your wedding too. Without much ado, here are five awesome summer lipstick shades we would like to show you that blend in well with the Indian lips.

1. If you want a vibrant summer lipstick for Indian skin, you have got to try the candy apple and red lipstick. A dollop of red is amazing and in brighter hues that too. the same was seen on various fashion weeks with a very 80s touch given. A single stroke is all that it takes to make heads turn, and the remainder of the lips were left bare. Keep the rest of the face naturally made up with less blush and eye shadow for the stunning look to come through. Famous celebrities that wore the shade this time were Victoria Beckham and Nina Ricci. And the best part is, candy apple and red lipstick works wonders for all Indian skin tones too.

Summer Lipstick

2. Dark vampire lips were seen to enhance the evening mood across fall and winter last year, but somewhat has stuck to the nomenclature for spring and summer 2016 too. Vamp lips as told can be worn to special events, shaadis, sangeets, mehendis and can gel into all skin tones on Indian women too. Fashion weeks by burberry have shown us how vampire lips in dark brown to purplish red tones in matte can bring a gentle finish you could wear. Mauve shades are hot for the summers too, which is why eminent brands such as Miu Miu and Armani endorsed them as well.

Best Summer Lipstick Shades

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3. Designer Vera Wang promoted the loveliest of pouts at many fashion weeks this time, and with the lipglass effect that too. The beauty of this shade is that it can define your lips, make you look pretty natural and can be worn with just about any hairstyle or hairdo as well. Try wearing it with the wet hair combed back hair look, just as Vera Wang made her models on the ramp do so. And flaunt that natural pout too.


Summer Lipsticks For Indian Skin

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4. Fancy something a little more tantalizing and dark? We here talk about one of the best lipstick shades for summer that can be quite a bite and in bold mattes. You may wonder if the shade would suit you or not, since most say bold mattes are tough to wear and flaunt. Tricky yes, but if you use a velvety formula for the summers, which has plenty of antioxidants and moisturizer in it, your lips wouldn’t look dry and flaky. NARS has a formula to suit moderate skin tones for Indian women, NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red is the name to reckon with. The shade is versatile and can be worn to work or for special events, even with plenty of bling accessories to balance the look too.

Lip Colors You Must Try This Summer

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5. A little more matte for the summer whilst other PYTs around go all gloss, wouldn’t kill. Now here is what we love about a dark purple hue- Aishwarya’s purple lips were too bright and matte, but this particular purple hue wouldn’t bring the brickbats we promise. With touches of dark black blended well into the purple tones, Urban Decay brings a flattering purple tone mixed with midnight blacks to doll the lips with. Grunge and pretty gothic on low notes, but with enough lightness to flaunt wherever you go, the Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Matte Blackmail is a revolution to swear by this summer

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Best Lipstick Shades For Summer

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Find your best, leave the rest, wear your lips glossy or matte and sizzle like a diva In these five Lip Colors You Must Try This Summer!

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