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Custom Facial Catered to Your Skincare Needs

by Fashionlady

When you’re musing over a little pampering to your skin, so as to make your skin rejuvenate and refreshed, you should better think twice before fixing an appointment with the spa. Even though spa treatments are the ultimate beauty treatment indulgence, not all the city spas are accomplished enough to understand your skin type and give service accordingly.

Just do not get carried away with their fake promises, especially when you’re new to that beauty parlor. Spa facials come in various packages, sizes and price tags. Therefore, make sure to be clear with your requisites and evaluate their offers carefully.

Before counting upon any spa, do not forget to go through the reviews and testimonials. You can browse online to get some genuine comments on that beauty parlor. This will ensure that your skin is at safe hands.

When an event say wedding or just a cocktail party approaches, we all just make sure to hit the parlor for grooming with facials, waxing, threading and all sorts of beauty regimen you’ve been familiar to. From a tranquilizing massage to a soothing steam bath, a day spend at spa is the best way to revive from stress and pollution.

Even though such kind of grooming sessions can provoke you to make regular appointments, you should be careful in choosing the spa and secondly, the type of facial for your skin. Not all facials are created equal. Count upon those parlors, who spend considerable time with their clients before giving the session. My esthetician asks me a lot of questions about my skin type, problematic areas, any allergies and then give me a custom made facial catered to my skincare needs. This makes me assured that I am not only spending my money and time at the right place, but my skin is in safe hands to get a makeover.

Before visiting any spa, here are top 5 points to consider. Continue reading!

#1 Plan ahead

With an array of facials available, it becomes necessary for you to consult with your esthetician can help determine which treatment will best suit your skin type. The cleansing, exfoliation and massaging should make your face look fabulous. But sometimes, due to stronger exfoliation, your skin may turn slightly pinkish with possibilities of biotchy. So, if you’re planning for a big event then make sure to fix your appointment few days ahead juts in case. Let your skin be calmed and you’ll still have a glowing face.

For extremely sensitive skin, avoid getting facial during your premenstrual period.

#2 Make a mental note of products you’re using

Make sure to list out your cosmetic items during the counseling to help the expert help you in suggesting necessary suggestions.

#3 Avoid strong exfoliation

Usually, exfoliation is a major component in any kind of facial. If you’re under any medication, and you’re taking some Retinoids then stop taking them before a week, as they can cause contraindications. Avoid using OTC products with retinols and strong Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) for 2-3 days prior.

#4 Do your homework

As I have already told you do some research before hitting any spa. It’s better to visit any spa through recommendation and after going through the online reviews. Visiting a reputed beauty club with skilled practitioners, who use top quality products is always worth a rupee. Make sure to check out the brand of the products to ensure they’re not using any cheap and skimpy products on your skin.


#5 Book couple of sessions

This is the best way to advocate your results. Think of it like going to gym and checking out on the progress for the first few months. In the same way, your beauty expert can help rejuvenate your skin gradually with every session. If you have acneic skin then it’s a must for you to go through a series of  4-6 pore-cleansing and exfoliating treatments with a gap of 2-3 weeks.

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