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What to do When You Have Nothing To Wear – Thanks to These Five Tricks

by Fashionlady
Darling I Have Nothing to Wear

Ladies and PYT’s around the world, if you are caught with nothing to wear and have a party to attend in a while, fear not. We hear you loud and clear, and would like you to first take a seat, because if you aren’t relaxed and don’t breathe deep, the best innovative and very creative ideas wouldn’t come forth. So take a deep breath and say “I am a powerful, strong, confident and a very sassy woman, and nothing shall stop me today”.

Alright, the pep talk is done and here are 5 things to do when you have really nothing to wear!

5 things to do when you have really nothing to wear

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Yes, we girls have all been there and done that before. We’ve spent like a crazy amount of hours staring into our wardrobes and wondering what next; because we have nothing to wear. Pfft! The temptation of swiping the card is high at this moment for that new sexy red number by Chanel or a chic Sabyasachi Saree, but wait!

Did you check your closet well? Does nothing fit at all? Do the old clothes fit too tight, so tight that they suffocate you? Oh dear!

Through times of trouble

If you find yourself in this mess and the indecisive mind is your BFF for now, here are five things to wear when you have nothing at all to doll up in.

Apart from your flashy smile and a great statement piece for the neck, here’s your list;

1. Wigs and shoes

How could we not mention these two beauties? They steal the show every time and any time you doll up in them. Big hair and chunky shoes, why not? But judge the event and the occasion before you dress up to emulate Lady GAGA!

Nothing to Wear

2. The right makeup

So what if the clothes don’t look colourful and vibrant enough; when you have the right makeup, you can divert all the attention to your face. The onlookers would be so distracted that they wouldn’t notice your clothes. Even the rivals around would be in awe of your beauty, so don’t forget to make the face look dramatic for daytime or the night.


3. Bright and very vibrantly coloured nail polish

Oh yes, for sure you would love playing along with nail art – another reason why the onlookers wouldn’t notice what you wear. Grab hold of the neons and pinks, the whites and the reds and the crimsons too. Splash and play along, have fun and flaunt your creative nail art styles; accolades would pour in by the score tonight.

You can also follow our mani-pedi chart for some great combinations.

Bright and very vibrantly coloured nail polish

Source: nailartlove.net

4. Get your show swag on and maybe a fancy accent

British accent optional, but the dance could be fancyishh! No one would notice the repeat of your clothes; we assure you that. Once again, the accent is optional – okay just do it while you twirl your hair and let out a funny giggle while flirting with Mr. Charming at the party.

Get your show swag on and maybe a fancy accent

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5. Play with your hair

Yes, you have your curlers and straightening tongs right? So why leave things to chance. If the face can get all the attention, shower some on the hair too. Doll up your hair in trendy hairstyles, and take a cue from the messy hairdos seen last year at the Emmys! Buns, faux bobs, pixies, curls and crimps, plain straight blondes and more- the list is unending and you would love it too!

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