Day 2 At The Amazon Fashion Week 2017


Amazon Fashion Week 2017

After a pleasing Day 1 of the Amazon Fashion Week, here come the Day 2 collections that fiercely lit up the runway. From laid back styles to pret and luxurious apparel, everything found a place in the Amazon Fashion Week.

Here are the highlights from Day 2 that you shouldn’t miss :

Aartivijay Gupta

This designer’s collection filled the room with paintings and potraits which had a smooth flow on the fabric. Known for merging fashion and art so as to create the ideal blend, her designs speak for her work.

A regular top at the Aartivijay store teamed with an equally quirky sari, to add the oomph to your day. Definitely loving the replacement of quotes with brighter and quirkier elements.

Aartivijay Gupta AIFW Cllections

Boyfriend shirts were always in style. Now, we have got these oversized shirts that have successfully maneuvered into pullovers which bring a new facet of the collection. The pants complement the top and sit well together.

Aartivijay Gupta AIFW Cllections

The dresses, shrugs and other attires in the designer collection portrayed bold paintings and a sense of liveliness. The crazy accessories are giving a fashion high!

Nikhita Tandon

The luxurious label has an array of Western and Indian designs that are guaranteed to please the soul. Her customized collection shines its way into the fashion world, without looking back.

The frills and multi-layers have got us swooning over this lavender piece that screams class in every direction.

Nikhita Tandon AIFW Collections

Nikhita Tandon AIFW Collections

The all white outfits were the cherry to her cake forming the slogan “I’m worth it”. Her designs definitely lived upto the slogan.

Nikhita Tandon AIFW Collections

The theme of the collection experimented with a lot of white lace and organza playing major roles.

Sahil Kocchar

Sahil Kocchar’s collection, ‘Rooh’ translates into soul and we couldn’t agree more seeing the collection. The entire collection was dwelled into 3D applique and embroidery which was the showstopping elements on Day 2.


The body hugging dresses and the nature prints with tropical trees and animals was a variation we couldn’t help but stare at in awe.

Sahil Kocchar AIFW Collections

There was a summer vibe exuded from the casual dresses that are playful yet sophisticated.

Sahil Kocchar AIFW Collections

Just another day of success and love pouring in for Sahil Kocchar!

Ragini Ahuja

Her line, ‘Ikai’ dealt with tribal graphics making a comeback into fashion. Tones of red, navy, black and ivory were played around with.

The graphics had a mindblowing impact on the collection, making it a lot more stunning and breathtaking.

Ragini Ahuja

Give us a minute, while we go buy a few of her pieces off the runway please?


Lovebirds collection is a case based on sole inspiration from geometry, with polka dots and other shapes gracing their clothes.

This polka dots silhouette is a easy breezy one that breaths comfort into it.

Lovebirds AIFW

The colour combinations played a major role in keeping the outfits bright and attractive.

Lovebirds AIFW

Formal outfits saw a new twist to them, and we absolutely adore the minimal design.

Lovebirds AIFW

Ashish n Soni

With his label turning 25 this year, Ashish sticks onto his tones of black which never goes out of style. The collection came with perfectly tailored fits, asymmetric cuts and flowing capes.

This black tailored outfit set the ramp on fire the minute the model was seen donned in it.

Ashish n Soni AIFW Collections

A lot of separates kept the collection in a diversified field of fashion, which we cannot help but think of.

Ashish n Soni AIFW Collections

The ultra-fine shine on the dress allows for the ideal embellishment dress you might be looking for and lends the perfect finishing touch.

Ashish n Soni AIFW Collections

That’s it for Day 2! A lot more collections coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Images Source:instagram, vogue


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