Debunking The Myths Today: Going To Bed With Wet Hair


Going to bed with wet hair

Often we come across bizarre facts which we have been following because we believe in the wise words of our elders without pondering over it much. Well, guess what guys today we are going to bust a very popular false belief of ‘not going to bed with wet hair’.

I know most of you have been following this one because you were actually petrified of the repercussions which you might have to face in case you went to bed with wet hair. I did a thorough research on the internet and tried it myself too and I came across a plethora of explanations that everyone following this idea should definitely know about.

So today I’m going to tell you in detail about this hoax of sleeping with wet hair effects.

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Wet Hair Causes Cold

I’m quite sure that you’ve been following this wet hair myth as it is one of the most popular one and also number one on my list. Well to begin with I would like to tell you that sleeping with wet hair does not make you more vulnerable to cold. It’s a common belief that if you sleep with wet hair then it is likely that you will catch cold. But just to remind you that flu/cold spreads due to viruses in the air and sleeping with wet hair does nothing to make you prone to these viral elements in air. So, myth busted!

Sleeping with wet hair effects

Wet Hair Causes Dandruff

Let’s eradicate the second myth now; it is firmly believed that going to bed with wet hair also causes dandruff. So to be precise and to be speaking in scientific terms I would like to tell you that dandruff is a fungal infection which needs to be in contact with something to grow. It means that it has to be in contact with the source of contamination. So in case your pillowcase isn’t clean or hygienic or has fungus on it; only then you should avoid sleeping with wet hair. Otherwise there are no reasons for you to think twice before going to bed with wet hair.

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Wet Hair Causes Dandruff

Wet Hair Leads To Blindness

I find this one a bit amusing; sleeping with wet hair causes blindness. To be precise and blunt I would tell you that even remotely there is no relationship of going to bed with wet hair and blindness. Wet hair does not affect your eyes in any way and for sure doesn’t lead to blindness at all. You should go for it by all means without worrying about losing your eyesight.

Go to bed with wet hair, sleeping with wet hair myth

Wet Hair Causes Headache

The next myth is that sleeping with wet hair causes headache. The truth is that there have been many tests conducted and there has been not a single evidence to prove that sleeping with wet hair can actually result in a headache in the morning. There have been various times when people who have slept with wet hair have faced absolutely no issues in the morning. So it actually solely depends on the individuals.


Does sleeping with wet hair cause dandruff


The only time when you should avoid sleeping with wet hair is when the temperature in the room is low as wet hair along with low temperature in your room may lead to the loss of warmth in your scalp. Other than that all other reasons to avoid sleeping with wet hair are totally baseless and even science agrees with that.

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So we can conveniently conclude that sleeping with wet hair is simply a baseless myth which has been followed from a long time because people are too reluctant to change habits from the past. However, I would like to urge all of you to be a bit more circumspect about your beliefs and actions before you actually follow them blindly. I agree following these myths doesn’t do much harm but at times it does make your lives more difficult. A bit of research and evaluation never hurts. Having doubts and questions in your mind before inculcating new things in your life as a habit isn’t a thing to be feared.


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