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Dia Mirza Did a Photo-shoot And Looked Breathe Taking!

by Fashionlady
Dia Mirza Shot by Shivajisen

Dia Mirza styled by Theia Tekchandaney

Dia Mirza is one gem that didn’t shine bright enough in the movie area. But then, that doesn’t mean that Bollywood and the people of tinsel town snubbed her. Her acting skills are on point. Her dancing is amazing, but her beauty and grace are out of this world!

She is like Sharmila Tagore of today’s generation. Hailing from the city of nawabs – Hyderabad – Dia Mirza has proved to the world enough times what she’s capable of.

When it comes to wearing silk sarees, nobody can beat her. She styles them the traditional way and teams her saree’s with traditional Hyderabadi kundan jewellery. Often times, she goes the solid gold way and wears jewellery made out of gold.

Does she carry it well? Definitely!

Does she look beautiful? Obviously!

Does she make you wanna wear your mom’s old golden jewellery? Hell, yes!!

Like we were talking about earlier, no one can undermine her or even say a word against her graceful attitude. She has this delicate, soft persona about her that makes you just go aww..!
Recently, she posted few photos on Instagram which just melted our hearts!

The pictures were captured by Shivaji Sen and she was styled by Theia Tekchandaney.

Here they are!

1. The fun side of Ms. Mirza

Dia Mirza Photo-shoot

Source: instagram.com

2. Here’s a sneak peak at her sensual side

Dia Mirza by Theia Tekchandaney

Source: instagram.com


3. Her piercing eyes, looking through our soul

Dia Shot by Shivajisen

Source: instagram.com

4. Vintage! Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us who’s the prettiest of ‘em all!

Now, here’s the real question. Do you guys like her as much as we do?

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