Health Benefits of Jewellery – Best Jewellery Pieces For Good Health


Health Benefits of Jewellery

Ask any woman and her first love will always be jewellery (perhaps the only source of nudge with her husband)!

Jewellery is the passport to express one’s individuality and taste for the finer things in life. Alright the usual diamonds, gold, pearls and solitaire are there but there is also the beautiful jewellery made of certain metals, gems and crystals that has medicinal value and beliefs attached to it.

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Though science has its own way to explain the power of metals used in jewellery, the medical viewpoints can’t be ignored. Continuing the debate, we bring you best jewellery pieces that will get you in the pink of health apart from extending their ornamental value to you.

1. Copper Bracelets

There is some element of power in the copper metal for it to reduce arthritis pain. The softness of copper gets easily absorbed into the skin, which makes it reduce inflammation.

In a study done, a set of rheumatoid arthritis patients who were given copper bracelets to wear expressed pain reduction that did not have happen out of conventional medication.

Health Benefits of Copper Jewellery

2. Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

Silver is yet another beautiful metal that proves its medicinal power by getting absorbed into the skin. Silver keeps the blood vessels elastic which helps in reducing blood pressure. Silver also does its bit in bone formation and is said to have pain killing properties.

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Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

3. Garnet

Even though the health benefits of garnet are a bit mystical, but it is believed by many people to providing them energy and boosting confidence.

Garnet jewellery benfits

4. Amethyst

This beautiful gemstone is quiet and peaceful and does proper justice to people having mood swings and anxiety issues. The purple gemstone particularly provides energy that helps improve the creative instincts of the wearer and gives inner strength.

Amethyst health benfits

5. Amber

For centuries together, amber has been known for its pain killing properties. This holds true when especially worn on head, neck, and throat on a necklace. It is believed that those who wear amber bracelets are able to control arthritic pain and reduce fatigue and anxiety.

Amber bracelet for health


6. Aquamarine

This is something that will take you to the ports of Vizag, Bombay and beyond! Aquamarine is the lucky charm worn by sailors and said to bring in positive forces. It also helps fight out problems with teeth, eyes and your digestive system.

Aquamarine ring

7. Pearl

Pearl in powdered form is used in cosmetics and skin care products. It is also used to bring pearly glow to the face (remember pearl facials). When you wear pearl jewellery you can expect happiness and positivity coming your way. Did you know that in Asian medicine, pearls are used to treat the heart and digestive system and is also used to increase fertility?

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Health benefits of pearl jewellery

8. Health Benefits of Wearing Gold

Gold is known to have a positive influence on health, mood and self-confidence. There are a section of Indians who believe that wearing gold slows down the signs of ageing. Maybe it is one of the reason why gold facial is thought to stop ageing showing up on your face.

Health Benefits of Wearing Gold

9. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz jewellery is known to exercise its curative powers in treating heartache. It is assumed to have a healing property that helps calm troubled mind and has been known to be associated with love.

Rose Quartz drop earrings

10. Magnetic Jewellery

Magnets are believed to attract the iron in red blood cells. Those of you wearing magnetic jewellery can fight out ailments such as pain and insomnia.

Magnetic Jewellery

Call it belief or absolute truth, there are many schools of thought going with the health benefits of jewellery. Whatever is the final output, wear jewelled pieces and stay healthy and beautiful!


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