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Jewellery For Different Face & Body Types

by Fashionlady
Jewelry For different Body Types

Jewelry For All Body Types
Women, admit it don’t we all love jewellery! We all adore jewellery to the hilt and cannot possibly do without making it a part of our daily lives. And why not, the right kind of jewellery can accentuate our features besides draw the eye away from problem areas. As jewellery aficionados we love to buy jewellery from stores, online boutiques, malls and the varied options available today. Jewellery pieces should be statement-worthy, or simple yet classy and multifunctional, so they can be worn to any event under the sun.

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Types Of Basic Jewellery

  • A delicate necklace in gold or silver can be paired with formal or even casual attires.
  • A chunky pendant over a simple dress spells instant chic.
  • Stud earrings for daily wear are ideal for work wear and to get a minimalistic look.
How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your face

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  • Get yourself timeless hoop earrings for styling casual dressing; they match every mood and attitude.
  • Cocktail rings in real metals, stones and varied embellishments are the latest fad, embrace them for an uber cool look. From ethnic to western gowns, you cannot go wrong with the rings.
  • Bracelets are extremely versatile, so invest in one with funky danglers. It would take you from day to night with enough ease.

Jewellery To Suit Face Types

Jewellery can be a woman’s best friend and the treasure worthy pieces can take your look several notches higher! A good photo frame draws attention to the picture in it, selecting the best fitting jewellery can highlight your best features to the hilt. We are all aware that a pair of earrings can draw attention to a woman’s face; necklaces put focus on the face, neck, or even waist and rings besides bracelets let your hands do the talking!

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Women must keep in mind their height, weight, appropriate shape of frame and bone structure while selecting jewellery for themselves!

Jewellery For Face Types

Source: fashioninsession.com


Long, dangling earrings are good options for the heighted women while the geometric shapes look striking on full-figured women. Besides they also minimize the narrowness of the face or the length of a nose.

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Earrings For Your Face Shape

Source: luxemi.com

Hoops, round pieces and wide styles often the length of square, rectangular, or oblong face types.

Earrings For Different Face Types

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Women with round, square, oblongs, and rectangles faces can opt for dangling earrings, so as to take away attention from the roundness of their face.

Face Shape and Jewelry Choices

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Women with medium height and weight, or with oval face types, and thin or tall women can select almost any style of necklace.


Necklaces in symmetrical pearls or gemstones look appealing on tall women while chokers and U-shaped necklaces reduce the length, help break up or flatter the face angles. Basically they aid de-tract from the height.

Necklaces For Your Face Shape

Source: thefashionspot.com


Wide bracelets are more proportionate for women of an average height.

Bracelets For Different Body Types

Source: lookastic.com

Narrow bangles are great choices for petite women. Delicate bracelets make longer arms look lanky and depending on the height, women can add several narrow wristlets together or a few wide bands to balance out a round figure.

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Handmade Jewelry Detective

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Women should select rings according to the size and shape of their finger.
Long fingers can handle almost any style of rings.
Oval or round settings soften the look of thin fingers and wider bands are ideal than the thin ones.

rings For Different Body Types

Source: kobe4rings.com

Rings that envelop the knuckle tend to make fingers look shorter. Narrow bands are definitely a better choice for short fingers.

different body shapes for women rings

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Varuna D Jani, jewellery designer cum adornologist recommends easy ways to adorn jewellery according to your type. She says,

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