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How to Dress to The Gym to Absolutely Look Chic and Sexy

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How to Dress to The Gym

How to Dress to The Gym

When you are working out in the gym, you don’t really need to be dowdy! Nothing can motivate you better in dressing up in something which will make you feel stylish and chic. Let’s give you a lowdown on how to look absolutely sexy and chic in the gym. Believe us, it isn’t that hard. We collated some of the most trendy outfits to make you look glam and fabulous even when you are sweating it out!

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Bring some colour in your life

Fitness is easier and happier if you add colour in your life. Good to have colourful outfits, but also make sure they are practical enough. You can team up a colourful spandex top (Reebok Purple and Black Spandex Gym Top, Rs 1500) with Nike shorts (Rs 2300). The key to a good workout session is being comfortable in what you are wearing.

Gym dress for women

Source: coffeeandconfetti.me

When it is all about the Yoga

Workout doesn’t really mean you have to sweat it out in the gym. You can also torch away those calories in a yoga session. To have a calm, cool and relaxing yoga time, you need to dress right. Here is what a cool yoga chick would wear:

How to dress for gym

Source: aliimg.com

For the Dancing Queen

For a chic dancer, the clothes are all about form and beauty. They must look elegant without weighing you down. You can team up a beautiful sweater or a body suit and some leg warmers for a perfect dance workout.

How to dress to dance workout

Source: huffpost.com

For the One Who Loves Working Out in the Cold

The cold, winter and the harsh winds are inevitable. But you can always prepare for the worst. The cold should not stop you from having a good workout. This is why you should be prepared with the right attire. In case you are going out for a quick run, don’t forget to wear your beanie, jumpsuit, legwarmers and a nice pair of warm running shoes. This is one outfit which is totally on point!

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Working out cloths in the cold

Source: hbz.h-cdn.co

For the Zumba Zealot

Zumba is the latest fitness fad (?) in the arena. Call it a fad or not, this is one type of workout which will really torch away your calories in a jiffy. But for Zumba, you need to dress your part. For dance-inspired workouts, you have to dress in something comfortable and like a cropped top. This will ensure that your attire is roomy and airy enough to let you move. Don’t forget to wear your sports bra! This is the most important part of your workout because it will make sure that your chest does not jiggle during that intense session.

Zumba dresses

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These are some of the outfits you can take inspiration from. Let’s look at how most of the celebs dress up during their gym sesh!

Vanessa Hudgen’s Very Floral Look

Vanessa looks in high spirits as she makes her way out to of the gym wearing a floral Adidas sweatshirt. Her smile says it all!

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Gym wearing

Source: sev.h-cdn.co

Katy Perry’s Colourful Session

Katy looks amazing with her Adidas workout clothes. She is rocking the bright trend with so much élan!

Look chic in the gym

Source: sev.h-cdn.co

Are you inspired for a great workout session now? Dress right and the session will go off on a smooth start!

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