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5 Most Expensive Diamond Bracelets Ever Sold at an Auction

by Fashionlady

Whenever imperial jewelries or from any elite private collection are put on an auction, a frenzied buzz of hysteria ensues. And only because of the auction houses, some of the world’s best-kept assets are exhibited, flaunting the grandisoity of a particular ménage or dynasty. Taking this opportunity, I offer the some of the most expensive diamond bracelets ever sold at auction.

The world’s oldest auction houses from 18th century like Sotheby’s and Christie’s have so far auctioned some of the history’s iconic jewels, whose price just amplified by several times only because of the auction.

While Christie’s first sale of fine jewelry took place in the year 1795 soon after French Revolution; Sotheby’s was established in 1744. While the former was busy selling out King Louis XV’s wife’s magnificent jewels, the latter one auctioned the Duchess of Windsor’s jewelry along-with the recent auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels; some of them being sold at an excess of $10 million.

Do have a look at the Top 5 most expensive diamond bracelets ever sold in an auction!

#1 Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet

Realized price – $31,360,932

The piece de resistance Gulf Pearl Parure was designed by none other than the diamond magnet, Harry Winston. The entire set of Gulf Pearl Parure had four prominent accessories –

  1. An articulated four rows of pearl and diamond necklace
  2. A three-rowed pearl and diamond bracelet
  3. A pair of pearl and diamond earrings
  4. A pearl and diamond cluster ring

And all these 4 jewelries were encrusted with jaw-dropping 193 natural pearls along-with 166 diamonds. Each of these jewels also features the signature inscription of Harry Winston as Jacques Timey.

The 19.5 cm long Gulf Pearl Parure bracelet features 12 brilliant-cut and 12 marquise-cut diamonds at the central row and even at the edges which are flanked by both spherical and pear shaped pearls.

Sold over $31 million in 2006, this Royal House Sale has become the largest private jewelry set since Duchess of Windsor’s 1987 sale in the world.

#2 Wallis Simpson Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet

Realized price – $12,500,000

Part of a collection owned by Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII of England, this Wallis Simpson onyx and diamond panther bracelet is the world’s most expensive bracelet ever sold at auction. Apart from its exquisite craftsmanship, this diamond bracelet is a piece of history. It was commissioned to Wallis Simpson as a marriage gift by King Edward VIII, who had to quit his throne in order to marry her. Later on, Edward was conferred with the title of Duke of Windsor and Wallis as Duchess of Windsor by his newly crowned brother King George VI.

The Wallis Simpson onyx and diamond panther bracelet was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 2010 for a whopping 12.5 million dollars.

#3 A Highly Important Diamond Bracelet by GÉRARD

Realized price – $1,513,024

The rectangular-shaped diamond bracelet weighing 29.01 carats from Magnificent Collection of Jewels and Watches from a royal house was realized for over $1.5 million back in 2006 at Geneva to an  unanimous buyer.

Apart from the huge rock that sits at the center, the wrist jewel is flanked by two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds, each up to 17.5 cm long. These sparkling solitaires are set against French gold available with a blue leather Gérard case.

#4 Martin Katz Diamond Bracelet

Realized price – $1,000,000

Off late, the Oscar red carpet has also become the podium to display fashion and the magnificence of jewels. The Martin Katz valued over $1 million made its way into the 80th Annual Academy Awards Fashion Preview. Apart from showcasing works by designers like Oscar De La Renta, Randolph Duke and Kevan Hall; this 2008 show also displayed the one of its kind diamond bracelet by Martin Katz.

#5 Rare 18th Century Diamond Golden Fleece Bracelet

Realized Price – $168,858

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