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Queen Elizabeth II Umbrella Styles – Royalty Rain is it?

by Fashionlady
Elizabeth II Umbrella Styles

Elizabeth II Umbrella Styles

No messing with the Queen, sweetie. She is England’s Monarch who has spent a good 89 years of her life in London (wish she could spend some in India too so that we could imitate her style) in absolute royalty!

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Well there is no questioning her knack of fashion collectibles – pearls, perfumes, handbags, shoes, hats, crowns and this one is a blue-bloodied rainy adventure – umbrellas.

Queen Elizabeth II has a large collection of umbrellas that focuses on every colour of the rainbow. Wow, that’s a nice way to face the rain but why such a huge wardrobe of umbrellas? Weather the storm in a Queen-sly way, we suppose.

The Majesty is quite choosy about her umbrellas, the finish, the colour contrast and other things. The one she virtually drools over is a clear dome Birdcage version made by Fulton.

But is that all expected of her? No, there is something more. The Queen loves to match the trim of the umbrella to her hat and attire. What a wonderful way to bring about the colour matching of the umbrella with clothes and accessories.

The gallery of Queen Elizabeth’s colourful umbrellas is so impressive to the eye, it’s nothing short of a fashion statement (oops… proclamation of royalty).

And the colour chosen of the umbrella not only suits the Queen, but the occasion as well so that it ensures she gets easily seen and admired.

Elizabeth II umbrella in rainy season

Source: eonli.ne

Elizabeth II umbrella in rain

Source: eonli.ne

Elizabeth II umbrella fashion

Source: eonli.ne

Elizabeth colourful umbrellas

Source: eonli.ne

As you can see, umbrellas are making a fashion comeback and it is perfectly demonstrated in the choice of umbrellas of Queen Elizabeth II.

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A Closer look at Her Majesty’s Umbrella

Saw how the Queen treats herself to an elegant variety of umbrellas which she tastefully colour-matches with her outfits in order to protect herself from the rain?

Whenever she steps out in public particularly during rainy weather, Queen Elizabeth II takes along her most favoured umbrella.

Majesty’s Umbrella

Source: digital.hammacher.com

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Queen Elizabeth and Her Wardrobe Functioning

This one, we can’t call it a wardrobe malfunction. Whenever her Majesty is travelling by car and just in case she is sitting down for a longer period of time, her coat or jacket should not for a moment crease. It has to look comfortable and methodical on her, and must fall appropriately as she steps down from a vehicle.

The same formula is applicable to the Queen’s evening wear. There shouldn’t be too much of fabric as that would make her managing her royal dress difficult. Also heavy beading is avoided as that can raise the level of discomfort.

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When it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s daywear, it is so designed that it stops just below the knee. On the other hand, a cocktail dress is allowed to be just below or ballerina’s length.

Walking on stairs can be a tricky task for the Queen and problematic too especially in long, fitted dresses. To relax this point, the splits and pleats of her dresses are always fitted into designs so that her comfort goes top notch.

Queen Elizabeth fashion

Source: dailym.ai

What about the length of the sleeves? Her Majesty prefers three-quarters of sleeves and not the ones that are too wide. Think of it. How can one have royal cuffs slipping in the soup?
Well, hope you enjoyed reading the Majesty and her majestic umbrellas. Drop in a message or two on your views. Till then, no copying her umbrella style!

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