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10 Trendy Ear Cuffs You Could Wear Like The Tinsel Town Ladies

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Our divas from tinsel town are an inspiration, not only with the roles they play and act in, but with the sense of style and fashion they carry off with oomph and grace too. From the world of everything shiny and glossy, our tinsel town girls once again have set a trend with fashionable ear accessories (and we aren’t talking of studs, dots and chandelier earrings only), and this time around, with the likes of Sonam Kapoor to Freida Pinto, Sofia Vergara to Portia, our trendy hot ladies have raised the ear haute statements with trendy ear cuffs. Ten styles now to wear it like divas, here’s the scoop!

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Rhinestone ear cuffs

Wear it like Emma Watson and spin the magical haughtiness around. A party tonight or simply a dinner out with him by the lakes under the moonlit kissed backdrop, there’s no excuse not to have this chic embellishment to catch the fancy of roving eyes!

Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set

Source: pinimg.com

Chunky ear cuffs

Keisha and her wild ways are known to the world, aren’t they? Wearing chunky accessories has always been the norm of this popular razzle dazzle singer, and this time around at the American Music Awards, Keisha flaunted the chunkiest of ear cuffs, making the shutterbugs go crazy over her new statement!

Chunky ear cuffs for womens

Source: pinimg.com

Cute ear cuffs

Fancy the cuteness overload compliments this evening? Do it like Hollywood actress Keira Knightley sporting the cutest ear cuffs ever seen. The bling factor Keira brought to the red carpet event at the 2015 SAG awards night was more than enough for the fans to go wild.

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ear cuff jewelry

Source: pinimg.com

Shiny leafed ear cuffs

Perfect for the shaadis, mehendis, sangeets and even a girls night out or a pubbing spree evening, the chunky quirky ear cuffs as sported Taylor Schilling grabs the eyeballs even in the darkest no-moon nights!

top Leaves Ear Cuff

Source: pinimg.com

The long ear cuff

Jaime King, Hollywood celeb loves her ear cuffs long and shiny. Should you fancy the same, opt for the collection she flaunted at a social do, making a statement so bright and blingy that the world was after her to know where she got them from!

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Popular items for long ear cuff

Source: pinimg.com

Sparkling ear cuffs

Smoking hot and drop dead gorgeous to say the least, Chole Grace Moretz at the Oscars 2015 showed us how to bring on the minimalistic chic bling appeal with the cutest ear cuffs that sparkled and shone while celebs walked the red carpets that night!

how to wear ear cuffs

Source: pinimg.com

Daring blingy ear cuffs

Rita Ora, celebrity singer and actress flaunts her pixie hair and smokey eyes at almost every gathering, but this time at the 2015 Grammy’s, Rita brought to the world a new twist with the daring bling on her ears!


Popular items for diamond ear cuffs

Source: pinimg.com

Edgy dashing ear cuffs

We love the look on Jennifer Lawrence, she daringly sported the edgy rhinestone studded ear cuffs with utmost grace and confidence at a recent event!

Ear Cuffs Edgy Earring Styles

Source: pinimg.com

Vampy ear cuffs

At the National Dance Institute Gala, actress Sophia Bush brought in the devilish-mother-of-all-ear-cuffs, a snake shaped accessory for the ears that created a dramatic stir. Now that’s what we call being a sassy bold showstopper!


Source: pinimg.com

A leafy ear cuff

Quite an affair to suit the FALL this year, and when done like Olivia Munn (celebrity Hollywood actress), you just cannot go wrong in flaunting the ear statement, so chic and cool!

womens Leaf Ear Cuffs

Source: pinimg.com

Dominatrix ear cuff

Rihanna styles up pretty well and evolves with every fashion statement she brings forth. This time around, our sassy ebony queen has brought to us fashionistas a dramatic dominatrix look with the gong-like trendy ear cuffs to wear!

Crystal Vitrail Dominatrix Cuff

Source: pinimg.com

Loved them all, didn’t you? Admit it ladies, we are crazy about quirky statement accessories, and there’s nothing to be shy about the same! Which one was your favourite amongst them all!

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