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How to Look Stylish On a Limited Budget

by Fashionlady
Look Stylish On a Limited Budget

Look Stylish On a Limited Budget

Perhaps the biggest myth when it comes to fashion is that you need money to look stylish. Granted, having a huge bank balance will indeed give you access to the most exclusive fashion labels, but that does not mean that if you are on a limited budget then you cannot look stylish. There is more to looking stylish than just having a fat wallet. When you don’t have a lot of money to splurge on clothes, it all comes down to your knack of making affordable clothing look stylish. Fashion is all about finding your unique style and that is not something that can be bought with just money.

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Here are our rules for how to look stylish on a limited budget.

1. Stop Being a Fashion Junkie

When you are working with a small budget, you need to stop following trends blindly, and instead look to creating your own style that you can wear all year round. When you concern yourself with what’s in and what’s not your clothing also tends to reflect that. While wearing current trends is cool, it is not such a great idea to become a slave to fashion when you are on a budget. Spend your money wisely, buying clothing that reflect your personality and style rather than what the fashion magazines deem to be ‘in’.

Look stylish in limited budget

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2. Splurge On One Expensive Item

Knowing when and where to splurge is a great way to ensure you look stylish. People notice accessories, so if you’re in the habit of wearing a watch, go ahead and get a nice one. Same goes for your shades as well. People can tell the brand that you’re wearing with just a glance, so it will do you well to make sure you’re wearing a high end brand to make an impression.

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3. Be Focussed When You Go Shopping

It is so easy to get way laid while shopping. You go in to buy a blazer for work and end up buying a party dress just because it was on sale. Such impulsive purchases could really cut into your budget and you will end up having to forgo of some essential items because you spent the money on something you did not necessarily need. So always be clear on what you need and what you want. Your needs must be met first before you can move onto your wants. No matter how cute that party dress is, you need to think about it practically – will you wear it often? Is it worth giving up buying some of your more essential items? Will you regret buying it later when you get back home and realize how much you’ve spent? Being focused on what you need will help steer you away from such impulsive buys.

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4. Take Care of The Little Things

It’s the little things that add up and either make you look stylish or not. One such thing is making sure your clothes are pressed and wrinkle-free. There is nothing more shabby and disconcerting as wrinkled clothing. Another thing to watch out for is to make sure you nails are cut, filed and painted. Even if you cannot afford to go in for regular manicures, you can always give yourself a quick manicure at home to make sure your nails looks neat. Taking care of the little things will go a long way in affecting others perception of you.

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5. Replicate Looks

If you like a look that you find in a fashion magazine or like what a celebrity is wearing, try replicating that look with cheaper alternatives. You can also give the look your own twist to make it more interesting.

Look chic on a budget

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