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Go Casual This Weekend, Here’s How

by Fashionlady
Go Casual This Weekend, Heres How

Ah, the weekend! Those two days of blissful and complete laziness. After working hard over the week, you sure earn the right to be a sloth over the weekend. So ordering-in and eating pizza right from the box and spending one whole day on the couch watching movies back-to-back are all acceptable indulgences. So keeping with the lazy theme, here are some casual weekend outfit ideas that are guaranteed not to take up too much of your time. These outfits are easy to replicate and will have you looking trendy without much effort at all.

Tunic tops make great daytime dresses, provided they are long enough. Wear your tunic top with some flat sandals and an oversized tote for the perfect no-fuss weekend casual look. You can use a belt to cinch the top if you want.

Casual dresses

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Colour blocking is a great way to look dressed up without much effort at all. Just pair a bright coloured item with another colour or pattern, making sure the overall look works and does not clash. Check out the below pictures for some neat ideas on how you can colour block your outfit this weekend.

Colour blocking

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Make the boyfriend shirt your best buddy during weekends. Pair it with skinny jeans and some comfortable shoes for a look that is super casual yet trendy. This is such a great look for brunch or catching a movie.

boyfriend shirt

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You can’t get any more casual than a pair of distressed jeans. Wear them with anything from a shirt to a tank top to a tee shirt. Add sneakers or boots and you are ready to go.


distressed jeans

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A great effortlessly stylish look is the long skirt with tee shirt combo. Yes, you can wear a floor length skirt and make it look casual. Just combine it with a graphic tee shirt or even a loose shirt to give it an edge. This helps keep the look fun and casual and not too dressy.

floor length skirt

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Baggy boyfriend jeans are the best thing that happened to women in recent years. Super comfortable and very casual, the boyfriend jeans is perfect when you have to get dressed in under five minutes. Put on the jeans, put on a loose tee shirt or tank top and you’re ready. You can wear sneakers or boots or heels with them, depending on what look you like the most.

boyfriend jeans

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Don’t you just love it when fashion and comfort come together? Experience that in a pair of palazzos this weekend. You will feel so free in these loose pants. Wear it with some flat sandals when you go shopping and you will realize that walking is a breeze and requires almost no effort at all.


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So take your pick from the casual weekend outfit ideas listed and enjoy your weekend in style. Along with your casual outfit, put up your hair in a messy bun or ponytail to avoid having to wash and blow dry your hair. You can also use accessories such as hats and scarves to cover up your hair. This way you will drastically cut down on your getting-ready time. Less time getting ready means more time to be lazy, and that’s just what we aspire for on weekends.

[Quick Tip: Opt for flat shoes and sandals as much as possible as they will keep your feet comfortable and keep you in good spirits. Why ruin your weekend by torturing your feet with painful heels?]

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