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The Rules of Attraction: Body Language to Follow on your First Date

by Fashionlady
Body Language to Follow on your First Date

Body Language to Follow on your First Date
The world of Dating is like a jungle, you are single and hoping to meet someone you like spending time with but is it as easy as it sounds? Well, the answer is no. You go on date expecting something a lot better to happen but what happens is not exactly that.

Have you ever thought that you might be the one giving out wrong impressions? I’m sure none of us have thought of that. Body language experts have tried to read signs that people involuntarily give you while on a date which would then be judged as different signals. It’s how our brains interpret it and trusts me, it interprets fast and reacts accordingly. The date might be going wonderfully well but doesn’t end the way you wanted, a small gesture could have made a difference.

Want to try it out, here I have a few tips on what kind of body language to follow on a first date:

Rule 1: Relaxed Posture: it’s a sign of feeling comfortable around the person on the other side. Don’t shrug or sit slyly, sit upright, move along- body language is important on a date, says a lot about you than words could.

Rule 2: Open Torso: Hugging your bag and sitting? Wrong. Folded arms? Wrong. When you want to give out a positive response, then keep you torso and chest open and relaxed. You close them off when you are actually feeling off about the whole date.

Rule 3: Eye Contact: You can’t keep staring at him the entire time for sure, but a little eye to eye for some time will set both your hearts racing. It’s a nice way to flirt and it will surely tell you of both have a connection. Simple!

Body Language

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Rule 4: Show your Hands: Trust is somehow related to hands, when you can’t see somebody’s hands, it becomes difficult to open up and trust them upright. Talk using your hand to move about and to make the conversation more fun.

Rule 5: Impatience: This could set people off the wrong way. If the drink you’ve ordered takes more than 10 min, wait for another 10. Showing your lack of patience is a sign of nervousness which in turn will send out a wrong sign to your date.


Rule 6: Laugh: It’s a good and a very affirmative sign that you are having fun. A plus for both of you.


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Rule 7: Lean in: This will get him a little interested in you. It will show him that you’re listening to him and taking interest in him.

Rule 8: Give full attention: It’s always good to not use a phone while on a date, firstly it’s rude and also it’s a little putting off. So keep your phones away and pay attention to him. You have taken out time for each other; hence make the most of it.

Rule 9: Physical Contact: This is more like an obvious way of letting the date know you like him. Maybe reach across and make a small gesture with your hand. A casual moment will help well. These subtle gestures will give him the idea whether to approach you for the after-the-date kiss. And then that’s how the sate ends for you, instead of you wondering what went wrong.

Physical Contact

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So, now since you know what to do on your first date, let us know how these helped you. Any more things you would like to add, do let us know, the more the better.

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