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Different Types Of Face Powder And Its Purpose

by Fashionlady
Powder Shade

Types Of Face Powder

All that stress, the work pressure, the wrong eating habits finally show up on your face, not to forget skin darkening from the sun and adverse effects of pollution on your skin. All these factors together sum to make our face lose its natural charm and beauty. Just like marks, blemishes and skin darkening don’t appear on your face overnight, these can’t be wiped off overnight too. So what is the solution? Face powders of course! What would we do without them!

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How To Choose Face Powder

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Why Use Face Powder

Face powders can make your skin look both wonderful and fresh at the same time and what’s more? It is very versatile in its uses. It gives your skin a divine glow as well as makes it smooth and look more toned. The best part is face powders tend to have a more lasting effect in comparison to most foundations and moisturizers. Some more reasons are as follows:

  1. Powder imparts silk like smoothness to your skin, be it with or without foundation.
  2. It acts like a mask for your foundation, so it stays for longer.
  3. Some face Powders absorb oils from your skin.
  4. It helps conceal open pores.

But, not all face powders work on all skin types or tones, which is why selecting the right kind of powder becomes so very vital. Picking the power shade to match your skin tone is a must when you are considering the purchase of a face powder for yourself.

Best Loose Powder

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In this article, we will be taking to through the different types of face powder and how to choose face powder based on your skin type and skin tone.


Types Of Face Powder

When you are choosing the best face powder for yourself, firstly you need to consider both types of powder, a loose powder for makeup regimes at home, and the powder compact for accompany you outside. Whether you choose loose powder or pressed powder, what really matters is your skin type and the look that you desire for the occasion.

Best Face Powder

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1. Loose Powder

The loose powder gives you the best finish considering its longest-lasting effect on the skin. This is the same reason why, loose powder is the choice of professional make-up artists and models.

The most effective steps to apply loose powder are as follows:

  • Take a little loose powder and lightly dust it on to your face using a large, soft powder brush.
  • Then lightly brush off the powder and run the brush over your face again to dust off excess powder.
Loose Powder

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This powder looks natural on the skin, and is good for home makeup application regime. Most women like using loose powder because it gives a porcelain like feel, giving it a flawless effect. If you are the natural type who likes a gentle finish with a long lasting fresh feel consider using a loose powder. Some of the best loose powders available are Flower beauty’s power up loose powder and Light reflecting loose setting powder from NARS

2. Pressed Powder

Pressed powder compacts are ideal for carrying around in your make-up bag. These compacts are as they are very quick to use and lightweight, right what you need when you’re out and in need for a quick touch up. Most of the pressed powder compacts come with their own application sponges. However, make sure that you use a light touch sponge. It is also important keep a track of its wash cycle regularly or you may end up transferring skin oils onto the powder via the sponge. You may eventually end up with build-ups if you continue this malpractice.

Pressed Powder

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Pressed powder is ideal for those who are always on the go and don’t have much time to sit down and groom themselves. Unlike most other face powders, pressed powder is extremely portable and gives your skin a matte finish. It is ideal for girls with stubborn marks and blemishes on the skin that need touch ups often. If you are more on the active and sporty side, the matte look of pressed powder may just be ideal for you. Some of the best pressed powders available today are Dolce & Gabbana’s Perfection Veil Pressed Powder and the Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Powder from L’Oreal Paris.

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