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10 DIY Earring Holders You Must Have For Your Bling Storage

by Fashionlady
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A bling lover are you? Where do you keep all things fashionable, glittery, fashionable and chic? If the answer is a box, we would want to yawn at that thought. Come on PYTs, we women are much better at inventing and creating stuff, so why would we want what makes us shine, to store in a box that’s so outdated. Unless of course you have your own mother-of-pearl box, handed down generations and for you to keep, here are ten fabulous ways to flaunt and store your classiest bling accessories, especially earrings!

A Golden Frame For The Earrings

Frames are meant for pictures to home, said no fashionista ever. When you have the idea, why not use it? Grab hold of a golden frame and use it to the best, even if there aren’t any photos to display. Your earrings are curative pieces in their own rights too, and flaunting them in style, should be your thing!

Golden Frame For The Earrings

Source: pinterest.com

A Fancy Crocheted Earring Holder

Should you not want a golden framed earring holder, go vintage with your tastes and likes using a crocheted background and crocheted background, which would hang neat on your side wall! Easy to maintain and chic to flaunt, your earrings would be safe and blingy, all year round! Don’t you love us already? Keep scrolling for more DIY Earring Holders.

golden framed earring holder

Source: pinterest.com

An Old Wire Trash Basket To Show You How

Planning on throwing away the old wire trash basket? Don’t do that; never commit that sin, not when the reuse of an old wire trash basket can come in handy. Give it a good wash and a dry, spray some paint on it and reuse the old wire trash can as an earning holder!

famous earring holder

Source: pinterest.com

Spruce Up The Vegetable Grater

The humble veggie grater at home can be multi-useful if you know how to reuse it well. Talking about keeping your earrings in a safe yet trendy place, the humble grater can come in handy. Give it a good wash and a nice coat of paint, and wait for 24 hours before you begin dangling those lovely jhumkas and pearls from its orifices!

earring holder diy

Source: pinterest.com

An Old Belt From The Studs For The Studs

Grab your boyfriend’s old fabric belt and let it work as a cute stud earring holder. The stud of your life wouldn’t mind you saving a few bucks for sure, and the multi-purpose belt now comes in handy for your accessories to house into!


stud earring holder

Source: pinterest.com

Customise The Frames Of A Slate

While the middle portion of the writing slate has been broken into bits by the kids, the frame still holds strong. Don’t throw it away all too soon, instead, customize it with metal chains from left to right, and hang your earrings from them!

earring holder frame diy

Source: pinterest.com

Steel Frames And A Mat

This can be done the DIY way, and with a vintage steel frame that too. If you have steel or a metal frame at home, and one which hasn’t been used for long, place a mat in the place of the picture holder, and plank on it the ear studs. The precious flaunting can be done in a quirky way!

steel frame earring holder

Source: pinterest.com

Planks Of Wood

Keep it rustic and minimal, which allows the centre of focus to be the bling items. Small but thick planks of wood, with hooks embellished on them and placed on the side of the wall by your dressing table is an easy affair to maintain!

On Your Flour Sieve

Pick up a plastic flour sieve and remove the synthetic mesh, should you not like the touch and feel. In place of the synthetic mesh, place a round lace fabric piece, which would now work as a holder for your earrings!

Flour Sieve earring holder

Source: pinterest.com

A Mini-Window

We aren’t asking you to stuff your room with this one, but if you do have a foot long mini-window that can double up as an earring holder, why not use it?

Mini-Window earring holder

Source: pinterest.com

So here were ten chic ways to hang those lovely chandeliers, jhumkas, beaded beauties and studs, and we once again would leave it to your imagination to do the magic! Hope this DIY earring holders tutorial to store your bling helps you. Have fun!

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Meghasaundaryasansar August 4, 2015 - 1:49 pm

nice tips and ideas seems good

michele October 24, 2017 - 6:48 pm

Thank you so much for I’ve been trying to get ideas about a craft fair that I could afford & be able to make. Your wonderful recycled examples gave me all I will likely need. Good for énviromént as well!

jellybean98255 September 12, 2018 - 2:57 am

im only 11 but this is AMAZING

Kate Schell March 24, 2018 - 3:56 pm

Not enough instructions for the picture frame stud earing holder. What is used for thr “mat in the photo and how is it heldin place?

Diane February 22, 2019 - 1:47 pm

The “mat” is plastic needlepoint canvas. I have mine held in a plastic frame with spring clips (which came with the frame), but the clips keep slipping. I’m about to switch to a wooden frame with metal screen from the hardware store that has holes large enough to hold stud earrings. I’ll staple the screen to the frame. I would have used plastic needlepoint canvas again, but I wanted a larger frame.


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