Day 1 of India International Jewellery Week Was Splendid


India International Jewellery

August 3rd marked the opening of India International Jewellery Week 2015 and it was everything that we were expecting! The first day kicked off with fervour and charm and the jewellery that the many designers presented, blew our mind.

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Come to think of it, tagging the Day 1 as splendid would be an understatement!

While crème de la crème of the society was present at the India International Week 2015, many famous people walked the ramp as showstoppers and took our breath away.

The India International Jewellery Week, IIJW, as it is called was not just about jewellery, but also about the collaboration between designers that ended up in presentation of a fantastic final outcome.

As per schedule, 6 designers presented their designs on Day 1.

  1. Gijantali Gems Ltd
  2. Moni Agarwal by Kanceepuram Varamahalakshmi Silks
  3. Aum Monica Kapur presented by BVC Logistics Pvt Ltd
  4. Shoba Shringar
  5. IIGJ Mumbai presented by Emerald (Gitanjali Sahijwaala, Karan Agarwal, Madhura Bhelkar, Shimani Agarwal, Tanya Ajmera)
  6. Tanishq

Here’s a breakdown of each!

1. Gitanjali Gems

Gitanjali Gems is one of the leading manufacture of jewellery in India and has over 4000 selling points. Their jewellery accommodates the needs of people from all walks of life and perhaps, this is what gets to everyone. Their presentation at the IIJW 2015 was an ode to all the daughters. They would be supporting daughters in need through the Beti Foundations.

Here’s what they presented –

Claudia Ciesla opened the show with her breath-taking smile and dazzling jewellery


Urvashi Sharma walked the ramp along with her cutsy daughter


And choker necklaces as well


Do you guys like Heli Daruwala’s look?



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