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Don’t Miss The Fun Spirited and Cool Vogue Cover Featuring The Bachchan – Nanda Family Ladies

by Fashionlady
Bachchan Nanda Family Ladies on Vogue Cover

Bachchan Nanda Family Ladies on Vogue Cover

Vogue India every season sets out absolutely enjoyable and thoroughly fashionable magazine covers. It is amazing how they come up with ideas, themes and stories. This August 2017, their cover brought a mother-daughter duo circling in the Bachchan – Nanda family.

The first look of the magazine brought a wide smile on our faces. The three women, Jaya Bachchan, her daughter, Swetha Bachchan Nanda and her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda were endearing and gorgeous in every click.

Scroll down to get entertained by the beautiful ladies-

For the cover image, the ladies picked outfits that complemented their age fairly well. The youngest one, Navya Naveli Nanda looked stunning in a Burberry one shoulder dress and wavy black hair. Shweta Bachchan-Nanda picked a sober colored outfit with frills from Hermes for the cover image. And Jaya Bachchan dressed simple yet elegant in a beige outfit.

Bachchan Women Ladies on Vogue 2017 Cover

For one of the additional cover image, Navya Naveli Nanda nailed a stark red Mugler outfit. Yianni Tsapatori, the hairstylist gave her tresses wonderful volume and great shine. And Mickey Contractor, the makeup artist gave the young diva subtle smokey eyes, nude lips, and glowing face.

Navya Naveli Nanda on Vogue 2017 Cover

Rolling out sweet adorable pictures in fancy styles, the trio melted our hearts. Jaya Bachchan embraced her darlings in one of the images and we simply love it. Jaya Bachchan rocked a Dhruv Kapoor elite white outfit and Shweta went along with Valentin Yudashkin outfit. Navya rocked an Alexander McQueen style.

Vogue August 2017 Magazine[sc:mediad]

Both mother and daughter, Shweta and Navya look very alike and you can fetch the similarities in the following image.

On Shweta, you can see a stunning Michael Kors blouse and skirt. And on Navya, a Dolce & Gabbana lace dress.

Shweta and Navya

Fiery in shades of red were the trio captured by Tarun Vishwa.

Jaya Bachchan on Vogue 2017 Cover

Happy and adorable were the mother-daughter in one of the cover shoot images-

While Jaya Bachchan picked Verandah separates that complemented her age, Shweta rolled out a rather bold and beautiful avatar in Asos.

Vogue August 2017

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