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All About The Drindl Skirt

by Fashionlady
Drindl Skirt for trends

We all know about miniskirts and the maxi skirts, also own a few, but how many of us have even heard of a dirndl? Don’t be surprised if you can’t even say it, as it’s pronounced as ‘Dirn’ and then ‘Dull’. Funny! Right?

Drindl Skirt

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What Is a Dirndl?

A dirndl is a kind of skirt that was really popular during the 50s, but it has its origin in traditional Australian garb. Back in the 19th century, the traditional dirndl was worn especially by the servant girls. While the material depended on the season, the fabric was always plain. It was only towards the end of the century that the dirndl found its way into high fashion.

The main distinction is that the dirndl is actually a two-piece dress and the skirt forms one of those parts. Traditionally, dirndls also carried a typical bra along with an apron that was called ‘Leiber’. This has been a very popular choice for Halloween costumes, and was found in many storybooks. Don’t we all remember the poster of The Sound of Music with the main lead in a dirndl costume?

Today our focal point is on the drindl skirt, which is generally characterized by a tight waist followed by a fuller and circular bottom.

These days, dirndls are worn fashionably, but the name and the look have undergone major changes and so you may not recognize it even if you see one. One would typically wear the skirt with an apron today. For the city girl, the dirndl would come in a riot of bright colors and boasts of all the trendy patterns you could ever imagine. Though apron-less, it may however, come accompanied by a matching crop top or fancy bralette.

We’ve witnessed these babies at luxury stores, like Dolce & Gabbana and found them at more contemporary labels like Stella Jean. Other stores might tack the skirt to a cute dress and make for an amazingly vibrant frock-styled dress to keep you comfortable.

But if you like to keep traditional things just that way they are, let us advise you to carry a bow with it. The maids of the yesteryears wore the dirndl with bows or knots. The tie has a major significance, as in, it worked like the relationship status on Facebook these days. If the bow or the tie was worn on the right, it meant the maid is married or in a relationship, it was worn of the left, it indicated a single status, but if worn at the back, chances were the maid was either a widow if not a waitress.

7 Drindl Skirts That You Will Get At The Popular Stores:

1. Floral Drindl Skirt:

This beautiful Drindl skirt with a pleasant all over floral pattern is available at Net-a-Porter for $495. The flared number has a cinched up waist and is buttoned down from top to bottom. I am in love with these green and pink and blue prints on the white garment – a complete summer wear.

Floral Drindl skirt

Source: splashbathroomsltd.com

2. Gingham Drindl Skirt:

Whites are always in vogue, but summers love them in a special way. Here is another, very girly Drindl in white by Innika Choo. This Gingham midi skirt features bright red embroidery at the knee and makes for a great bottom to be worn with a red cotton shirt.

White Drindl skirt

Source: splashbathroomsltd.com

3. Polka Dot Drindl Skirt:

Given that Drindl skirts have a history, that it was only worn in plain and light colors, to expect a total change abruptly won’t be pragmatic. These skirts are cute, but conservative when it comes to the choice of colors. This one flaunting some super adorable polka dots keeps in line with the tradition. The Shirred cotton skirt in white with tiny black dots and two rows of dressy black buttons is introduced by Comme des Garcons and is available at 1. Net-a-Porter for $485. I have always been a sucker for bows, so the side bow at this dirndl didn’t fail to catch my attention either.

Drindl skirt for girl

Source: myblondegal.com

4. Stripes Drindl Skirt:

This one is another monochrome number and it wins your hearts the very moment you set your eyes on it. Black and white stripes never go out of fashion. They are like wine and only get finer with time. In addition to the lace and buttons on the front, what claims my attention are the ruffled frills at the bottom of this skirt. Are they super cute or what!!!

Black and white stripes Drindl skirt

Source: net-a-porter.com

5. Checks Drindl Skirt:

Only next to stripes, a pattern that is as everlasting are the checks. Checks were also very popular back in the 1800s. So this particular piece, in blue and white checks becomes a must have for the beginners with Drindle. This one, with its box pleats, suits all body types, be it skinny or bulky. If you cannot locate it at a store near you, you can buy yourself some fabric in the similar pattern and get this stitched from your local tailor.

blue and white checks stripes Drindl skirt

Source: instyle.com

7. Lace-Up Drindl Skirt:

This laced-up skirt would reach a little further from your knees. The lace-up detailing truly stands out and makes it a unique piece from the rest of the dirndls in our collection. The shade of sky blue is a piece of heaven and very soothing to the eyes. It could be worn from summer through winters and would make a fine wear to work also. Though the skirt has the required flare, the added girth brought by the ruffle at the hem looks very stylish.

Lace-up detailing Drindl skirt

Source: stylight.com

And here is Kim Kardashian trying to give the traditional Drindl a twist of their own style.

Traditional Drindl

Source: gettyimages.com

Now that you know all about the dirndls and have seen your favorite celebs sport it, do let us know when are you planning to buy one for yourself!

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