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Dry Skin Patches – What Is Your Skin Trying To Tell You?

by Fashionlady
Dry Skin Patches

Dry Skin Patches

Winter is here, the days are shorter and the nights cooler, but along with the chilly wind comes another problem that a lot of women have to battle- the problem of dry skin patches. Dry skin is a perennial problem in most women, and is especially more pronounced in winter. It is accompanied by scaling, itching, dry skin spot on skin and cracking. It can occur due to a lot of reasons and dry skin patches can make your winter especially very uncomfortable and painful. All you need to do is listen to your body and take a little extra care of it when you see the telltale symptoms. In this article we will talk about the causes of dry skin spots on skin and how to prevent the dry skin patches on the skin.

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Dry skin is not just a problem with women, but a lot of men suffer from it too. Otherwise dry skin is not a big problem but when it becomes a serious issue, it will manifest itself in the form of fine lines and wrinkles which are very unsightly!

Dry spot on skin

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Dry Spot On Skin? Here’s How To Identify Dry Skin Patches

Here are some of the symptoms which your face, your body will start exhibiting once you spot a dry spot on skin.

  1. Rashes: Dry skin patches will start looking red and will itch a lot. You can see that they look like rashes. You will have to immediately start a medicated moisturizer which will help you to get rid of those rashes.
  2. Red Skin: Sometimes, some people will experience red skin which looks highly painful. This may result in dermatitis. Sometimes, it also looks like a rash.
  1. Skin Bumps: Another unsightly symptom, skin bumps can appear on dry skin and look like pimples. The only solution is again, moisturizing the skin well. They may look like blisters so you have to be extremely careful while using creams or moisturizers. If you are too harsh, you may end up doing more harm than good!
Causes of dry skin spots

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Treatment of Dry Skin Patches:

Dry Skin Patches are not difficult to treat provided you know the right way. There are some easy home remedies as well as medicines which can keep your dry skin at bay.

The first step in treating dry skin is trying to understand what your skin is trying to say. When you have a normal and healthy skin, you know that your skin is coated in a thin layer of natural lipids or in other words some kind of fatty substances. These are responsible for keeping your skin moist and healthy.

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When you have dry skin, the fatty oils are stripped off your skin and thus you have the common problems listed above and the bad thing is these patches of dry, itchy skin can appear anywhere. However, when you suffer from dry skin, it’s most common on the arms, hands, lower legs and abdomen.

If you don’t treat dry skin properly, you will sometimes be afflicted with dermatitis, which is an even more dangerous condition which will lead to inflammation of the skin – swelling, and infection.

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Remedy 1: Misusing moisturizer

The common solution for dry skin is a moisturizer. But while moisturizers can help in curing dry skin, experts believe that misusing it can cause many problems.

When you are using moisturizer, use it when your skin is still damp. That way, the moisturizer will be able to trap the moisture from your skin. Just after patting yourself dry with the towel, you can use the moisturizer.

Dry skin patches on face

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Remedy 2: Drink enough water

Just like the earth dries up when there are no rains, our skin reacts in the exact way! You are not feeding it enough water; it is cracking and drying up. Try and drink at least 8-12 glasses of water every day to prevent your skin from drying up.

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