Compact Powders for Dry Skin


Compact Powders for Dry Skin
Whenever it comes to picking cosmetics, the first thing that you should consider is your skin type. Since there are different skin types right from normal and dry to oily and sensitive; makeup also comes in variance so as to suit individual skin type and requirements. And the same rule applies for compact powders as well. Just as there are pressed powders specially designed for those with oily skin; compact powders for dry skin are also available.

If your skin time and again dries out, then always pick oil-based makeup items including compressed powder. The hydrating agents present in the pressed powder moisturize your skin, thereby keeping dryness and breakouts at bay.

The compact powders for dry skin traps the moisturizing content of the skin, enabling a smooth finish. Unlike other pressed powders, these specially designed compact powders reduce the flaking of skin and usually work best when applied along-with moisturizing primers, foundation and concealers. However, those living in humid region should not touch up more often as these oil-based products may leave the face greasy because of humidity.

Here are some of the best compact powders for dry skin available in India. Do have a read!

Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder Compact

Price – Rs. 415

This oil-based compact powder by Revlon enables the skin with a matte finish as it easily blends onto the surface. This non-cakey pressed powder is specially designed for dry skin as it hydrates the skin with its moisturizing agent and also smoothens the skin tone. Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder Compact is available in two shades i.e. natural matte and ivory matte.

Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder Compact

The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder

Price – Rs. 795

While some women have oily skin and others have dry skin, my skin changes with weather i.e. it becomes dry during winter and oily during summer. So I had avoided using compact during winter until I found this amazing pressed face powder by The Body Shop that is specially formulated for dry skin. This powder adds required amount of moisture to the skin through its essential ingredients like Vitamin E, Marula and Olive Oil. This compact powder therefore makes the skin smooth and nourished, whilst making the makeup long lasting.


The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder

L’Oreal – True Match Super-Blendable Powder

Price – Rs. 1,095

This compact powder by L’Oreal for dry skin indeed comes with a price tag but it is one of the best pressed powders to go for. This finely crushed face powder is non-comedogenic and comes with the richness of pearl pigments and refined formula, thus gives the skin a flawless and radiant glow.

Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry compact

Price – Rs. 650


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