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Easiest Way To Determine Your Face Shape

by Fashionlady
Way to Determine Your Face Shape

Way to Determine Your Face Shape

Your face shape is very important to determine what kind of hair cut you should have, or what are the glasses that will suit you the best and to also determine how you should do makeup on your face to make it look more appealing.

Are you wondering what shape is your face?

In this article we will talk about the most common types of face shapes and how to determine what kind of face shape you have.

There are six main types of face shapes and you will fall in any of these categories:

Types of Face Shapes

  1. The square face
  1. The round shape
  1. The diamond shape
  1. The oval shape
  1. The rectangular shape and
  1. The heart shape

Now which type of face shape do you fall in? To determine this, you will need a few things:

Grab a pen and notebook and start taking the following measurements with measuring tape:

Start by determining which is the widest part of your face and then deciding which one is the face type you belong to.

  1. Forehead: if your forehead is the widest part of your face and it tapers as it goes down, you have a heart-shaped face also known as an inverted triangle
  1. Cheekbones: A person with diamond shaped face has the widest cheekbones
  1. Jawline: You have a triangular face if your jawline is the widest
  1. Face length: A person with an oval face will have the longest face length

Using a measuring tape is the easiest way to find out your face shape and it can help you determine whether you should get a layered hair cut or wear a certain kind of jewelry. If you don’t have a measuring tape handy, here is what you could do to find out what kind of face shape you have.

Tracing your face in the mirror: Take some lipstick and trace the outline of your face. Now go back to the list above to determine which category your face falls in and the widest part of your face will tell you what type of face structure you have.

Now you know roughly two ways in which you can determine your face shape, here is some in-depth analysis on what kind of face shape you might have and how to style it better.

Determining Your Face Shape:

1. Round

If you have a round face, it means that different parts of your face are almost equal in length and your cheeks are softer and rounder. Your outline will closely resemble a circle and this is the most common way to determine your face shape. The jawline is mostly curved and the forehead is smaller.

Round Face Shape

Celebs with your face shape:

The celebrity who has a round shaped face is Emma Stone.

Celebs Face Shape

Best haircut for:

Haircut for Face Shape

In the above picture, Selena Gomez is the perfect example of how you can use the haircut to make your face look slimmer.

2. Square

Square faces are as long as they are wide. Their cheek and length measurements are very close and maybe about an inch from each other. In addition to this, the cheek, jawline and forehead measurements are also similar. Jaws are very sharp and you can literally draw a line on them. Also, your cheekbones are super high and this is one of the most distinguishing features of a person with a square face

Square Face Shape

Celeb with your face:

Besides Olivia Wilde, Kiera Knightley is another common celebrity who is known for her square face.

Celebs Square Face Shape

Best haircut for:

Short hair: A short bob with bangs framing your face will help to highlight your cheekbones more than your jaw. Always flatten out the bangs before you head out

Medium hair: Sweeping bangs and locks that skim your jawline will work again. The airy bangs will hide the strong jawline and put focus on your cheekbones.

Long hair: Structured airy fringes that are in and around your cheekbones look best with long hair. The hair cut easily softens the face thus making your looks stand out.

3. Oval

When someone has an oval face, it means that your features are round, but they are not symmetrical like a round face. The width of your face is generally smaller than the length and your jawline is smooth and elongated. Your chin is cute and round.

Oval Face Shape

Celeb with your face:

Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian are popular examples of celebs who have oval faces.

Celebs Oval Face ShapeBest haircut for:

Short hair: An angular bob with layers that will hug your chins work the best on this

Medium hair: Airy and wispy bangs make your face look more elongated and also prevent your hair from lying too flat on your face

Long hair: if you are not too keen on your elongated face, you can use a retro and side-swept bang to make your face look a little shorter. Covering the area between your brow and your hairline can chop off a few inches from your face.

4. Oblong/Rectangle

When you have a rectangular face, your face is longer than it is wide and your jawline is not as smooth as it in in a square face.

Rectangle Face Shape

Celeb with your face:

R & B singer Kelly Rowland is one of the most famous examples of a celeb with an oblong or rectangular face. The best kind of haircuts for this kind of face include a straight bob that is cut shoulder length to frame your face. It is a very striking hairstyle and evenly balances out your face and makes it look longer.

Celebs Rectangle Face Shape

5. Diamond

When you have a diamond-shaped face, you will have features that will open up from your forehead and towards your cheekbones. The features will then drop gracefully down towards your chin. This one is also known as the inverted triangle face shape. Your face and cheekbones are wider than your jawline


Diamond Face Shape

Celeb with your face:

Taylor Swift is a celebrity whose face most resembles a diamond.

Celeb Diamond Face Shape

6. Triangular

When you will have a triangular shape of face, your forehead and cheekbones are narrow, but you will have a jawline which is wide. They are the opposite of a heart-shaped face and are easier to style with certain kind of hairstyles.

Celeb with your face:

One of the most common celebrities with a triangular face is Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne

When you have a triangular face shape, you are more inclined towards hiding your jawline because it is very prominent. Sleek and layered haircuts and a short bob look extremely flattering on such a face and can easily soften the jawline.

7. Heart Shaped

The heart-shaped face, as the name suggests is shaped like a heart and has wider forehead, but tapers towards the chin. It is the opposite of a triangle and is also known as the inverted triangle shape. Most of the people who will have a heart-shaped face will possess a relatively pointy chin and the forehead will be medium-to-wide and so will the cheek measurements. These faces will also be a little longer than they are wide at the cheeks (about an inch and a half or less.)

Heart Shaped Face

Celeb with your face:

Kourtney Kardashian has a prominently heart-shaped face and so does Chloe Moretz

Celebs Heart Shaped Face

Best haircut for:

Short hair: A choppy bob with short layers on the top is good enough to break your wide forehead and make it look a little softer

Medium hair: if you are keen on camouflaging your chin because it looks a little too pointy, use a haircut that skims your collarbone and has a lot of layers

Long hair: A heavy and full fringe with gently tapered layers make the forehead look slimmer and shift the attention towards the chin instead

8. Long Face

The most common features of a person who has a long face is elongated features- starting from your forehead to the chin- even your jawline is curved in an elongated form.

Celeb with your face:

Liv Tyler is the quintessential actress with a long face and almost every hairstyle that gently frames her face suits her perfectly well.

Long Face Shape

Final Words

Determining the face shape is very important to have a good haircut, some good makeup and of course jewelry that suits you. Once you are able to understand what kind of a face you have, you will be able to make much more empowered decisions about a number of things. Hence, you should always try and find out what shape your face is before going for any haircut or any drastic makeover. This article gives you all the ways you can use to determine the kind of face structure you have- make use of these tips and find out your face shape!

Images Source:beautyeditor.ca, pinterest

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Preeti July 5, 2017 - 1:37 pm

My face shape is Oval. Can you please suggest me the best suitable haircut?

Aditi July 18, 2017 - 2:07 pm

The shoulder-length waves and the Shaggy bob haircut for the long haired and short haired are amongst the best for oval shaped faces.

Meenal July 24, 2017 - 4:24 pm

My face shape is a kind of round. Is there any way to make it look thinner?

Angana Gohain Barua July 25, 2017 - 12:23 pm

The best ways to make your face appear thinner is to : Apply contour makeup, Choose a mid-height ponytail or keep hair higher at the crown of your head.


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