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Effective Exercises for Muffin Tops

by Fashionlady
Exercises for Muffin Tops

Exercises for Muffin Tops
Muffin tops can be a bane to your existence. Those dreaded handles above your jeans can look like a nightmare. But they aren’t the only ones you should blame. Muffin tops have come into existence for a reason: A lethal combination of junk food and no exercise. Most women think it is impossible to get rid of the muffin top, but with a strict exercise regime and some balanced food, it is possible to get your slim and trim figure back!

Effective exercises

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Here is some Exercises to lose your muffin top. For this, you will need:

  1. Yoga mat or a soft surface
  2. An Interval Timer (There are a lot of free apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store. GymBoss is one of them. You will need this app to keep a tab on the number of seconds or times you are repeating the exercises)

Let’s begin the exercise regime with a few simple ones:

1. Twist Crunches:

As the name suggests, this exercise is a variation of the traditional crunch. But it is a better way to strengthen your core and melt away those love handles and muffin tops. All you need to do is lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head. Now, as you raise your upper body up, twist it in the opposite direction so that your right elbow touches your left knee. Repeat this for at least 24 times in three sets.

Twist Crunches

Source: myweightlossfun.com

2. Balance Ball Crunches:

Balance balls are a popular medium for exercise. When you exercise with balance balls your stability increases to a large extent. Crunches are more powerful and effective while practicing with balance balls. For these crunches, all you need to do is lie on the balance ball and complete three sets of crunches as you would normally on the floor. You will struggle to keep balance on the ball and at the same time end up blasting those fat rolls at the same time!

Balance Ball Crunches

Source: running4women.com

3. Rowing:

Most people think rowing is an exercise which is mostly for the back. But they don’t realize that they are also effectively blasting their core and their muffin tops at the same time with this exercise! Yes, rowing is one of the best workouts for muffin top. When you are rowing on the machine, make sure that you have kept your back straight. This will help to banish those muffin tops even faster!



Source: womenshealthmag.com

4. Leg raises:

Another common myth about this fabulous exercise is that most people think it is all about the legs! To some extent yes, this exercise is more about strengthening those legs and core, but at the same time, it can work very well with the muffin top too. It’s a simple exercise which requires you to lie on your back with your arms on your sides. As you lift both the legs off the ground, try and keep them as straight as possible. Hold for 30 seconds and return back to the initial position. After a set of three with ten reps, you will start feeling the burn in and around your midsection. This is definitely one of the best methods to lose muffin top fast.

Leg raises

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5. Mountain Climbers:

If you are wondering how to lose weight around your waist in a jiffy, try mountain climbers. These fall among the little tough exercises, but they can torch those muffin tops in a jiffy. They are pretty simple but one of the most intense exercises. You are on the ground with your knees and toes and you raise your right knee towards your chest. You repeat the same with the other foot. Complete at least ten reps in three sets.

Mountain Climbers

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The bottom line is, overall fitness and a good balanced diet are the sure shot muffin top melting processes. Combine them with the above exercises to achieve quick and effective results.

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