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Eternity Ring: Everything You Need to Know About This Symbol Of Love!

by Fashionlady
Know About Eternity Ring

Know About Eternity Ring

Before we tell you more about what you should know about Eternity ring or the infinity ring, let’s give you a short overview of how it came to be. Did you know gifting of the infinity ring is a romantic tradition, which is given to one’s better half? This is a tradition that has dated back to more than four millennia, and historical records show us sometime in 2000BC the tradition started. In those days, most of the infinity rings or the eternity rings were carved from beads, bones, and metals. Historical records also show us that ancient Egyptians too wore these rings, and for them, it symbolised the bond of eternity and everlasting romance or love.

Infinity Ring

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What does it symbolise?

While we are on the topic of what you should know about Eternity ring, we must inform you that the eternity ring is an epitome of commitment and full-fledged love for eternity. The ring also comprises emotions of the full circle of life, and in the days gone by, it used to be given when the couple had their first born. The meaning for Full and Half eternity rings remain the same, and that is why it is up to you to decide which one you would like to give.

Diamond Eternity Rings

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How do you wear the infinity ring?

The eternity ring or the infinity ring can be worn on any finger on the hand of the wife or the husband. In most cases, as seen, the ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The eternity ring is placed between the engagement ring and the wedding band. But you can decide how you want to wear the diamond eternity rings white gold, and the eternity ring meaning would not change. It is all about your personal preference at the end of the day; no hard and fast rules to follow here.

Best Eternity Rings

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Any special occasion to wear this ring at?

By tradition, infinity rings are gifted to your spouse or soulmate, when the first child arrives or when you reach your tenth wedding anniversary or a milestone in your relationship. But there are other special occasions as to when you can gift the eternity ring. Some of them are-

  1. When a partner is expecting a baby
  1. Give it as a birthday gift to your spouse
  1. Gift it as a Valentine’s special to your spouse
  1. Gift it to your spouse or partner for Christmas or during the holidays as a special token of love
  1. You could gift a diamond ring on the 60th wedding anniversary to your spouse
  1. For the 45th wedding anniversary, you could gift a sapphire infinity ring
  1. For the 40th wedding anniversary, you could gift a ruby eternity ring
  1. An emerald eternity ring could be gifted on the 55th wedding anniversary
  1. You could even gift the eternity ring platinum, for the 70th wedding anniversary and more.
Eternity Ring Meaning

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What you should know!

Although worn mostly by women, you have some men wearing the ring as a wedding band or an engagement ring too. For most people around the world, the emotion associated with the ring would be the ultimate gifting option they could present their partner or spouse with. It helps mark and celebrate an important occasion or celebrates a milestone in the relationship. This is why, there are no hard and fast rules as such when gifting the eternity ring is concerned. You could give the ring when an anniversary arrives, or when the first child is born, or even when it is your spouse’s birthday too.

Eternity Ring Platinum

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The shape of all eternity rings are circular, and this is a symbol of everlasting love, and all that the couple has to endure for life together. Diamond and emerald eternity rings are the toughest to make since they encrust the bands very intricately and only the finest of skilled craftsmen can do it.

The band of the infinity ring would be made from platinum or gold, and there are traditional elements – gems, emeralds and diamonds encrusted on it. There are some couples that opt for half eternity rings, which have gems or diamonds only on the band’s top. And there are those that prefer the full eternity rings, which are full of gems, diamonds or emeralds. The latter is more glamorous for sure, but it all boils down to the poignant moment of giving attention duly to the relationship that is being spoken off here.

Eternity Ring Gift

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Final words

While we did tell you in a gist as to When do you get an eternity ring, there are again no hard and fast rules for the same. It is all about the sharing of emotions and the expression of love which decides the attention a couple can give one another. It could be any occasion, event or special moment, which you get to decide upon when deciding When do you get an eternity ring. Just remember to pick your eternity ring from a certified jeweler and the rest will fall into place. The joy of giving and sharing should not be restricted to one day only, this is why, in this day and age, there is no perfect timing or day as to When do you get an eternity ring.

When Do You Get An Eternity Ring

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