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Find Out What Can Cause Hair Loss With 10 Things You Do All The Time

by Fashionlady
What Can Cause Hair Loss

What Can Cause Hair Loss

Doctors say it is okay to lose 100-200 hairs every day. But, what if you are losing much more than that? In fact, doctors are still puzzled about what can cause hair loss and there are hundreds of reasons which may end up making you lose your hair. Even daily activities can cause your hair to thin and subsequently fall. In this article we will talk about some of the reasons which may help you to know what can cause hair loss.

Contrary to popular belief, old age is not the only reason why you can lose hair or your hair might thin down. When you think of what can damage your hair, the very first reason that comes to mind is not taking proper care of your hair. Just oiling your hair superficially won’t do. Not only does your hair need oil massages, but you also have to feed it well. Green leafy vegetables, proteins and good fats can help to repair damaged hair.

What Can Damage Your Hair

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So, What Causes Hair To Fall Out?

Here are some very common reasons as to why your hair might be falling out:

1. Stress

We have actually capitalized this to emphasize on why your hair is falling out. Stressing on things – your daily life, work and millions of other things may be drastically affecting not only your health but
your hair’s health as well! There are three cycles in hair growth and when you are stressed, the shedding period is pushed ahead thus making you prematurely lose your hair. So, take a chill pill and do not stress out!

What Causes Hair To Fall Out

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2. Birth Control Pills

Unfortunately many of us women survive on BCPs and some of you might experience hair loss due to this. Well, it does depend on how your body reacts to the Pill and depending on that you will may have hair loss, or not!

What Causes Hair Thinning

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3. Severe Diet

Crash dieting is seen as another reason for losing hair. When you are on a certain diet and suddenly you go from three eggs to none, your body and your hair revolts. It is shocked by the sudden lack of nutrients and thus starts shedding. Crash dieting is also what causes hair thinning. So whenever you decide to be on a diet, consult your doctor first.

What Causes Alopecia Hair Loss

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4. Being Lazy With Your Hair

When you are wondering what causes alopecia hair loss, you may tend to ignore the fact that you haven’t washed your hair for a pretty long time now. Keeping your scalp clean is the number one way to keep your hair in its place.

What Medicines Cause Hair Loss

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5. Very Heavy Periods

If you regularly get very heavy periods, it might be time for you to visit your doctor. The iron in your system reduces drastically when you are losing blood and as such, your hair is affected too.

Hair Loss

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6. Very Tight Hairstyles

Sure that bun looks pretty, but when you are constantly in that tight and constrictive hairstyle, your hair follicles are pulled and as such become weak. Your hair will obviously give away! Try loose ponytails or open hair in case you want something chic, but leave those tight buns alone!

Repair Damaged Hair

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Hair Color

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9. Hot Tools Burn Your Hair

Well, it’s common sense! If you are constantly using hot tools on your hair, they are bound to get weak and will ultimately fall down! Restrict the use of hot tools like blowers, straighteners and perming tools.

Hair Care

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10. Not Eating Right

The secret to a great body, soul and luscious locks are undoubtedly good food. Fuel your body right and you will never complain about losing hair!

Curly Hair

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These are ten different ways that can cause hair loss. Take good care of your hair to ensure that it stays healthy and luscious!

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