FIRST LOOK: Sonam Kapoor Reveals Her First Look As Neerja Bhanot!

Sonam Kapoor Reveals Her First Look As Neerja Bhanot!

We have all heard talks about Sonam Kapoor recreating Neerja Bhanot’s life story. Giving the story more credit and fame, it is her way of paying tribute to the Pan AM flight attendant who lost her life while saving the life of others.

In a very tragic incident, Neerja Bhanot lost her life while she was serving as a flight attendant in Pan Am Flight 73 on 5th September 1986 which was hijacked by terrorist. The world wept for her family’s loss and shamed the terrorists.

While taking up a big project like this, we all knew Sonam would go an extra mile to do justice to her work. But what she did surprised us! To fit in the character, she cut her long lust worthy tresses. She then posted the first official picture of her look on Instagram.

Here it is! Her first look as Neerja Bhanot

Sonam Kapoor's First Look as Neerja Bhanot


After posting the picture, she said

“Hello everyone! This is me as Neerja! in our tribute to Neerja Bhanot. This is my most special film..thank you @foxstarhindi @blinglive”

She looks adorable, doesn’t she? It’s a shame she’s going to die towards the end of the movie. But that’s the risk that comes with re-creating real life incidents. Power to you, Sonam!

This was what the teaser first picture looked like!

Sonam Kapoor badge in Neerja Bhanot


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