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Gear Up Coz Santa’s Coming And He Wants To See The Best Christmas Decorations Around!

by Fashionlady
Christmas Decoration

Remember the time as kids we would wait for festivals to come. It used to be such sheer joy, decorating the house with the glittery fancy decor and ornaments right? Well, there is a child still within us all, and in fact, you do not have to be a child to enjoy a festival and do the decorating too. Now with Christmas knocking on our doors, we are here to show you many Christmas decorations which would enhance the spirit of the season at home and lift the mood too.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Get all your friends and family members to pitch in with their plans on what Christmas decoration ideas to choose, and make the house beautiful and gorgeous. But if you need more help understanding which Christmas decoration ideas to use, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of many Christmas decoration ideas from across the world, for homes large and small, to indulge in. Please check them out and get inspired.

Christmas Table Decorations

Source: carolinacommunitynetwork.org

Christmas Decorations Cheap and Easy:

You do not have to spend a bomb on decorating the house this Christmas or the Christmas tree. There is Christmas decorations cheap and easy for you to find online, and better still, you could go ahead and DIY your own ornaments too. Take a look at some of these Christmas decorations cheap and easy to use and make for the house and the tree.

Xmas Decorations

Source: sesa-build.com

Grab hold of balls, various sizes and made from thick plastic or rexine. Clean them up well and spray paint metallic shades on each of them in one tone. Go monochrome or self, these balls will shine when the fairy lights are on at night.

Christmas Decorations Clearances

Source: elementsofky.com

An advent calendar marks the month of Christmas and the number of days leading to the festival. You too can have one of these Christmas decorations cheap and easily made at home, with minimal effort. Take a look at this advent calendar made at home, which is made from a metallic photo frame and cork board, along with simple hooks to hold the ornaments.

Xmas Decoration ornaments

Source: decor.divadavanna.com

If you are really in need of something affordable and cheap, and yet beautiful and colorful for the house, here is an idea to play with. What we notice is that the owner has made woollen balls of various colors and has decked up the wall in the shape of a tree. On the other side and by the mantlepiece, the same colorful balls have been strung and hung over. This is a quirky way to celebrate a colorful Christmas.

Xmas Decoration

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Old lanterns and glasses that you do not wish to dispose or discard can be reused as a prop for Christmas decor. Give them a good scrub and shine, and polish the surface with vinegar for transparency. Then place colorful shiny balls in them and on the rim of the glass or the stem of the lanterns, tie red ribbons to reminisce the spirit of Christmas. Use them as centerpieces for the dining zone.

Christmas Garland

Source: delanion.com

Deep reds, wines and berry shades are trending colors for the season, so why not deck the house up in matte shades for the same. What you could do is to balance the colorful act- if the tree has shiny ornaments, which it should, you could have other wall hangings and mirrors decked up in shades mentioned, but in matte tones. Take a look at this idea below for cheap decor themes.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Source: awanshop.co

Grab faux pine cones and mistletoes, and place them in open jars and bottles. Tie a ribbon around the bottle or the jar and sprinkle white dust over them to emulate the season and the spirit of Christmas. This could be a wonderful way to make the center of your coffee table stand out. And the amount you would invest in this, would be next to nothing.

Cheap Christmas Decoration

Source: falconcresthomes.com

Christmas Decoration Cheap Ideas

Source: thefreepatriot.org

Another quirky way to get the mood of Christmas into the house, and to welcome guests with a lot of joy would be by decking up the door with Christmas metallic balls. Take a look at how this particular owner has done up the door. No Christmas wreath, no worries- the shiny metallic balls have formed a tree, and it looks super cute.

Christmas Window Decorations

Source: godfatherstyle.com

Create a false fireplace at home and place the tree beside it and the nativity crib with other decor items on top of it. You would need large boxes formed into the shape of a boxed fireplace, covered with brown paper as base. Over this, you would need to paste red bricks, which are made from red paper and white paper as shown below. Let it dry for two days, and then do the decoration as per your choice.

Xmas Decorations Ideas

Source: ciclismoenlinea.co

So now that we showed you some amazing ideas on how to cheaply decorate your home for Christmas, thank us later, but check out how to use fairy lights and other Christmas lights the right way to enhance the mise-en-scene and the mood around this festive season.

Christmas Lights

Source: diynetwork.com

Decorating with Christmas Lights:

When playing with fairy lights, you get the opportunity to be as creative as possible. Here is an idea we see, where two large balls have been painted white, and over this Christmas lights have been placed. They are hung in the living room here, but can be hung over the dining zone too.

Christmas Lights Decorations

Source: woneninoneofakind.nl

What we love about the fairy lights is that it allows our imagination to expand, and since they are strung in a line, one can bend them and fashion them up in many shapes or sizes to decorate the ambience around. If you have a snowy garden or stay in climes that are snowy and cold, here is an awesome way to deck up the outdoors.

Christmas Decorations Outdoor

Source: lovethispic.com

Another awesome and cost-effective way to deck up the outdoors would be to use Christmas lights for sure, but in a traditional yet quirky way. For that, we look at this beautiful house that has a large lawn where a Christmas tree is made from lights only. How cool is this idea? Least effort put and the space looks bright and nice too.

Best Ideas for Christmas Lights

Source: thingiverse.com

If you love playing it minimal, here is an awesome idea to ring in the magic of the season. What the owner has done is to gather faux holly creepers which they have entwined on the stairs and above each door. And within the creepers they have neatly placed white lights. So fairy-like, right?

Ideas for Christmas Lights

Source: carolinacommunitynetwork.org

To make Christmas warm and cozy, you can deck up your bedroom with warm fairy lights and lanterns as shown below. Keeping in mind the neutral toned color scheme of the room, with throw pillows around and a faux fur seat for company, the place looks dimly lit and comfy to sit for a hot cup of chocolate or for friends to come and socialise the evening away.

Christmas Lights Ideas

Source: buyglysonna.com

This is a time when you would get a lot of Christmas cards and greetings from friends and family. Instead of sticking them on the walls, it would be wise to string on the walls bright fairy lights, as shown below. On the wire, you could place neatly the cards at regular intervals. Warm memories and love flood your room this way, and no one would complain too.

Light Christmas Decorations

Source: amazon.com

Quite a different way to decorate the outdoors with Christmas lights, but we love it so much that we had to share what this home owner has done. There are three boxes emulating the colors of the festival, and within them and around them the fairy lights have been installed. This brightens up the entrance and welcomes the Christmas spirit too.

Christmas Outdoor Light Decorations

Source: blog.christmaslightsetc.com

Cut out three wooden or cardboard Christmas trees and stick fairy lights on them. This is best to do if space around is small and you still want to decorate the home. The idea is also good as a piece to use for tables and corners of the room. Use your imagination here and you never know what comes forth.

Christmas Decorations For Lights

Source: diyncrafts.com

Fairy clouds are easy to make, and for that you would need white cotton balls, puffed and spruced up. Between each ball, stick a little glue to hold all of them together. Place the Christmas lights inside the cloud and let them sit on the pathway to your home. Quite an innovative way to welcome your guests, and hats off  to whoever came up with this idea.

Christmas Decorations Lights

Source: the11best.com

Make your bedroom a romantic and a magical place for your man and you, by installing Christmas fairy lights in white over the arch of the headrest of the bed. This needs minimal effort, but the arch should be an arch for that magical touch to come through.

Christmas Light Decorations

Source: homebnc.com

For table centerpieces, if you have old wine and beer glasses or round glasses too, you could make cute and bright decorative items. Shine up the glasses by wiping them with vinegar, and let them dry for a day. Inside the glasses, place confetti and shiny metallic Christmas balls and ornaments, and within them, place the fairy lights. This now can be placed on the table top.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Source: clearandneat.site

Grab hold of an old metallic bucket and paint it white to emulate snow. Inside the bucket, place large wooden sticks and pine cones, and entangle them with white fairy lights. Do place some faux holly leaves and mistletoe leaves to enhance the decorative spirit of Christmas, and place this bucket by the main door!

Christmas Decorations Indoor

Source: onekindesign.com

Make your own Christmas chandelier this season, by cutting out your own stars and snowflakes made from paper or felt. String them up as shown in the picture and hang white or colorful fairy lights inside the bunch of stars and snowflakes. At night, when the lights are dim, you would see the effect.

Christmas Lights Cheap

Source: bing.com

Mesh lanterns are a hit every year, and this year too we would like to promote the idea. What you need to do is to blow air into latex balloons and tie the nozzle. Now dip yarn or jute strings into glue and randomly round up the balloons. Let the whole balloon get covered with the strings, and allow it to dry overnight. Take a pin and puncture the balloon, which would now give you the skeleton of the lantern. Place lights inside and around the skeleton, and hang the lanterns.

Cheap Christmas Lights

Source: nstagram.com/glameventstylist

Do not forget to bring into the house the ghosts of Christmas. Deck up empty bottles with white cloth and create ghost faces on them. Place them on the center of the table and around them place the colorful fairy lights. This is an idea for those that love all things spooky, and it is a fun idea too.

Best Christmas Decorations Outdoor

Source: princesspinkygirl.com

We hope you loved these various ideas on how to decorate the inside and the outside of your homes with Christmas lights? Now we shall take a look at the various styles and decorative ideas using Christmas wreaths.

Best Christmas Window Decoration

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Wreaths Made at Home:

You can make your own Christmas wreaths at home to deck up the doors and the walls. And today, we will show you easy weasy ways to do so. Many across the globe save their money by making their own wreaths, and so should you. Take a look!

Christmas Wreath

Source: decoratorist.com

If you have old paper towel rolls at home, the base can be colored white or any color you choose and glued to one another to form a circle. Between them, you can place faux leaves and hollies, berries and more to enhance the look. You may or may not choose to use fairy lights, but people do.

Decoration for Christmas

Source: thegreenhead.com

Cut polka dotted ribbons and form a bow with each of them. Next, get a strong wire which can be rounded off as a circle, and secured. Now take each bow and glue it to the wire. The first base should be white, the second base should be red or pink. If you want to add more layers, make sure you do so without overstuffing it.

Christmas Decoration Clearances

Source: ciclismoenlinea.co

Here’s another way to make a colorful Christmas wreath that you can make at home. If you have a small tube or a cycle tyre, get it washed and cleaned. Let it dry and then give it a good polishing. Make small colorful or large colorful bows out of plastic ribbons in various sizes. Place the large ones on the first base and gradually change the size as you place more layers. Let it glue up all night and it would be ready to hang the next morning.

Christmas Window Decorations Ideas

Source: housebeautiful.com

With shiny Christmas ornaments and balls, you can make the best and the most colorful Christmas wreath at home. Take a look at the step-by-step procedure as shown by the author below on how to do the same. You do not need to put fairy lights in this one. Place it on your door and bring in the cheer.

Christmas wreath Step by Step

Source: morningchores.com

For a very holistic and a traditional touch to your home, you must have a Christmas wreath in red and green. But you do not have to spend a bomb for the same. What you can do is to gather leaves and flowers, and string it up on a round tube with glue. Let it sit overnight and the next morning, place the cones and berries between the leaves. Your wreath is ready!

Best Christmas Wreath

Source: sofacope.com

A burlap christmas wreath is a quirky one to place on your door. If you have old jute fabric at home, give it a good wash and starch it too. This would make the fabric strong and crisp. Wrap the fabric around the circle or the tube, and embellish it with hollies and candy sticks.

Christmas Decoration

Source: thereadingwench.com

Make your own Christmas wreath with paper flowers and leaves. The process is pretty much simple, where you cut out flowers and leaves from colorful crepe paper, and place them in layers around the circle or the tube. Do place four red ribbons to enhance the effect of the wreath and do not put fairy lights in them, or else the wreath may burn.

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We hope you can get a lot of ice-cream sticks from the local art and craft store, which will help you create your own colorful Christmas wreath at home. Color the sticks or cut and paste colorful paper on each stick, and allow them to dry overnight. Around the circle or the tube, glue each stick in sequence, and place a red ribbon on top. This would be a beautiful wreath at the lowest cost to display.

Christmas Wreath Decorations

Source: faithtap.com

We showed you ideas on the wreath, the lights and the indoor and Christmas decorations outdoor so far, so let’s show you some ideas on Christmas tree decorations too. Please check them out below and seek inspiration!

Christmas Tree Wreath

Source: countryliving.com

Christmas tree decorations are a costly bunch to pick and buy. And with all the expenses you have paid for so far, we do not wish that you rip your wallets any more. Here are some ideas for you to emulate that have caught our fancy too.

Make your own paper ornaments for the tree, which can be hung on each branch. You could use self-colored paper or printed paper to emulate the mood of the season.

Christmas Wreaths Celebrations

Source: carolinacommunitynetwork.org

If you have a couple of pine cones around, you could give them a good polish and secure them to the tree with satin ribbons. Each branch can have one or two to play with the concept of minimalism and they would look great on the green leaves too.

Best Christmas Decorations

Source: keitloveit.com

Gather all your trinkets and neck pendants that are made of stone and show the world that this tree has been decorated by a fashionista. You can place the trinkets and pendants as Christmas tree decorations over the branches of the tree, and the magical fairy lights would shine on them.

Christmas Wreaths

Source: countryliving.com

A very easy way to make shiny ornaments for the tree would be to gather small ping-pong balls. Wipe them clean and place shiny sequins on them as shown. They could be strummed up on each branch, and within the branches, you could place the fairy lights that will add a glittery glow and feel.

Christmas Wreaths Ideas

Source: gravetics.com

Make your own stars for the branches of the Christmas tree at home. Save your money and buy cheap silver paper, which should be cut into semi cones as shown. Glue each piece to a round cardboard and let it dry overnight. Place the Christmas tree decorations on the tree the next day.

Latest Christmas Wreath

Source: thearteffect.org

We do sing jingle bells, don’t we? So why do we not have more bells to make and place around the tree, when we are talking about cheap Christmas decor ideas? What you can do is to use thick paper, cut into cones, and secured with a ribbon. Color the cones or paste colorful shiny paper on them, and embellish each bell with a Christmas motif. Place them on the branches of your Christmas tree.

Christmas Bell

Source: craftpassion.com

Pine cones can be frosted with white glue and felt powder, and placed on each branch of a tree to reminisce the mood of a white Christmas. You just have to be sure that the pine cones are washed and dried well, or else the glue would not stick and the powder would fall off soon.

Christmas Wreath Best Ideas

Source: architectureartdesigns.com


Make small ornaments for the tree’s branches and print words from hymns and carols sung during Christmas. What better way to make the family remember fond memories of days gone by when you all went carol singing!

Christmas Wreath Decoration

Source: forcreativejuice.com

Small twigs and pieces of wood can be glued together to form mini Christmas trees. These trees can be used as Christmas ornaments against the backdrop of a white or silver Christmas tree. What do you think about this particular Christmas tree decorations idea?

Ideas for Christmas Wreaths

Source: easypeasyandfun.com

With that, we end the ornamental section of the tree and

Let’s Make Our Own Christmas Garland:

Christmas garlands can be strung around the house, around the fire place, the tree, on the doors or wherever you wish to place them. You can even use them as Christmas window decorations as well. Here are a couple of ideas to get inspired with.

Own Christmas Garland

Source: lowes.com

A very simple, minimal yet cost-effective way to bring in the spirit and joy of the season, would be to have colorful hollies and Christmas garlands around the house. Here is a simple way to do it. Cut leaves and berries out of color paper, and string them up as creepers. Time taken is very minimal, the cost for the same, almost nothing.

Christmas Garlands

Source: homebnc.com

You could use this idea as one of the many Christmas window decorations or place it on one of the walls that embrace the dining zone. Use faux leaves in green, with red ribbons, faux berries, and mini pine cones to make your own garland, and hang it up on the wall.

Best Christmas garlands

Source: koolweather.com

To flaunt the amount of love and wishes you get in the form of Christmas greetings and cards this season, you can now have garlands made from them. Here is an idea to use, and to enhance the look further for the evenings, you can place fairy lights as well with them.

Christmas Garlands Ideas

Source: minted.com

Red poinsettias made from paper can be strung with green paper leaves and hung across the walls to bring in more cheer and fun to a monotone colored room. This would be best placed in the hallways, the stairs, above the fireplace or even on the pelmets above the doors.

 Christmas garlands for Doors

Source: veenuash.info

For more cheer and fun, each window should be decorated with holly leaves, and through which paper cups emulating the colors of the season can be displayed. Amongst the many Christmas window decorations, we love this idea the best.

Latest Christmas Garlands

Source: countryliving.com

Gather as many pine cones as possible and create Christmas window decorations. Wash and dry out the pine cones two days before you start decorating. Glue each cone in the center, secured to a wire string, and hang them around them the house.

Best Christmas Window Decorations

Source: stylemotivation.com

Christmas garlands can be made from colorful large beads and balls too. String them up in a nice fashion and place them around the fireplace or the walls of the home- even on the doors and windows for more colorful touches.

Best Christmas Decorations

Source: amanda2012.com

Embellish old Christmas garlands with plenty of gold, red and silverish white ribbons in all shapes and sizes, to reuse and repurpose the garlands this year. Why should you throw away any stuff? Save your money.

Famous Christmas Table Decorations

Source: secretgram.me

Colorful and magical, Christmas fairy lights are a delight to have. You can spruce up the mood by placing colorful ribbons and bows on each tiny light piece, and string them around the pelmets and the doors or use them as quirky Christmas window decorations too.

Famous Christmas Decorations

Source: eselfarm.info

For a very classy and minimal effect to play with this Christmas, you can cut out white paper leaves, and sting them together to create mini Christmas garlands to hang around the house. If the background or the color of the wall is deep and dark toned, this idea would be the right contrast to deck up the walls with.

Super Christmas Decorations

Source: bhg.com

With this, we would like to come to an end on this section of Christmas garlands and Christmas window and door decor. Now let us take a look at the beautiful ideas trending around the world with regard to Christmas table decorations. This is the best way to inspire your in-laws if this your first Christmas with them, or to woo someone special or even make your friends jealous of your talents and skills. Check out the collection of Christmas table decorations we found around.

Christmas Table Decorations

Source: topdreamer.com

Lunches and dinners, parties and more, Christmas is a time when near and dear ones gather to spend the day and night with one another. And food is love always, but we cannot forget the traditional Christmas lunches. You cannot afford to keep the table bare and empty, which is why we are here to show you a couple of Christmas table decorations and ideas.

Christmas Table Decoration

Source: klimasur99.com

Bored of folding the napkins as a swan or a flower? This Christmas, spruce up the white plates and the dining table with a Christmassy touch. Fold your napkins emulating the spirit of the season, such as a Christmas tree as shown below.

Latest Christmas Table Decorations

Source: epalumni.com

Fork, knives, and spoons can be stored in Santa’s stockings and placed neatly for every guest at the table. How cute and cool is this idea? We loved it and that is why we brought this idea to you. Red socks against the backdrop of crisp white paper towels and silverware within is a magical touch we need at the Christmas table.

Christmas Table Decorations Latest

Source: joyfulsavings.com

Gather small blocks of wood, small pine cones, and small artificial shiny Christmas trees as shown, give them a good polish (wood and pine cones only) and place them in an assorted stack, bang in the middle of the table. Let this concept do the talking!

Best Christmas Table Decorations

Source: housebeautiful.com

To play it classy and minimal, this homeowner gathered an old branch of a tree. They gave it a good varnish and polish and let it dry for a week. The old branch was shiny now, and on its branches, faux berries have been placed. This instantly makes it one of the most beautiful Christmas table decorations around.

Best Ideas for Christmas Lights

Source: elementsofky.com

If you love placing tea lights for decorative needs on your table, go ahead and use this wonderful idea for an evening party or a Christmas dinner. Your guests would be floored with the way you use old glassware and bring in the Christmas cheer too.

Christmas Decorates

Source: rustymoose.info

Scented candles are the norm in most homes for decor and ambience needs. However, if you have white candles to use as centerpiece decor, you can ring them up with red ribbons or green ones or a mix of both to enhance the look!

Good Christmas Decorations

Source: homebnc.com

Colorful red glasses can be turned into cute Christmas table top decorative pieces for high tea and lavish dinner parties. This would be one amazing way to impress your boss and colleagues when you throw a Christmas bash at home.

Kids love Santa, and that is why we would want you to spruce up the dining table for kids with Santa hats. Use old cork wooden blocks as the base, into which you can insert or stick cylindrical sticks, which should be painted white and red. Place Santa hats on top of them.

Nice Christmas Decorations

Source: womansday.com

Snowflake mats and tea lights with holly leaves around the table, why not? It is Christmas after all and once in a while using such beautiful Christmas table decorations would be an amazing way to spread cheer and joy!

With this, we come to an end on the number of ways you could save money using DIY methods and making your own Christmas decor. Use this as an excuse for the family to come together and to make the house beautiful as a bride this festive season. While doing so, if you do visit Christmas decorations clearance sales or buy Xmas decorations, kindly check for ventures that support charities. Let’s all bring in the spirit of happiness and spread the joy of giving with love when we shop for Christmas decor or make them at home.

Best Christmas Garland

Source: cutoutandkeep.net

Do write in with your thoughts and views on this post, and let us know your ideas on the same lines too. We love hearing from you as usual.

Merry Christmas from all of us!

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