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Gucci Turns 90 – Meet the Formidable Blonde Power behind its Success

by Fashionlady
Gucci Turns 90 in Style

Gucci Frida Giannini

As the glamorous fashion label, Gucci turns 90 this year, Fashionlady offers you Frida Giannini. She is the blonde power behind the brand’s present success, which has grown wall to wall that the label is now opening its museum. Phew!

Frida Giannini, who rules over one of Italy’s most powerful fashion houses has taken the brand to the next level. During her 6 years of tenure post Tom Ford Gucci, the Gucci profits have risen 25% to an estimated £660 million.

Frida’s Flying Colors

Following the footsteps of Tom Ford, Giannini has unbelievably garnered rave reviews for her innovative yet feminine take on contemporary fashion. Her unique talent and sui generis vision have fueled her position as one of the most powerful creative forces behind one of the world’s most celebrated fashion houses.

We will surely debunk the history of Gucci bags, but for the time being let’s try to get a load of Gucci story from the company’s creative director.

“You just don’t achieve that success simply by designing cute handbags”, Frida reasons.

gucci The Director frida giannini

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She furthers adds on – The soul of Gucci is in its Made in Italy label. The “Made in Italy” phrase is such a powerful brand in itself that it can dominate any market across the globe. And when Gucci is all about Tuscan craftsmanship, Florentine culture and Italian leather, it was pretty obvious to expect this brand rule the fashion market for years to come.

The company is only 10 years behind celebrating its 100th anniversary and has earned an ubiquitous eponym in the world of fashion till Doomsday.

The idea of establishing a museum was also her idea. Her favorite exhibit is a collection of canvas luggage dating back to 1940. At a time when it was almost impossible to find quality leather, Gucci had hit upon an alternative: the embossed canvas that is now a mainstay of the brand.

Her taste is elite!!

If any of the media gets lucky to visit the Gucci HQ anytime will find a flurry of activity, but Frida’s cabin is always calm even at the eye of a storm. Her room is adorned with contempo leather sofas flanked by a gleaming walnut coffee table.

Frida Giannini office

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The table holds a Dictaphone which ensures Gucci has an accurate record of conversation, especially with the media and publishing houses. Furthermore, her room is decorated with a square plate of canapes: 5 exquisite miniature fruit tartlets, 5 tiny choux buns and 5 irresistible squares of pistachio cake; which are all lined up with regimental precision.


The tanned blonde lady has a little bit of military attitude. She is an early bird and her life is regimented about doing everything in time; sleeping, eating and starting work early.

For Frida, the transition of her role from team player to boss felt neutral.

“I am comfortable giving people direction. If something is not good enough, my job is to find a way to help them learn from their mistake, and understand that next time I expect better.”

frida beyonce salma hayek

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She holds so much respect from her bosses that in 2009, she convinced her company to relocate her team from Florence to Rome. “Florence is although beautiful  yet small city. My team members are young, they need to go out and explore. Rome, on the other hand Rome is beautiful with  friendly people, a wonderful lifestyle,” she says.

Possibly because of her approach towards her work, she is fit for Gucci as Gucci woman has always been a tough cookie.

She got married the same year she landed on the top Gucci job, but was divorced 3 years later. Today she stays alone with her German Shepherd dog, ignoring rumors of her allegedly relationship with Patrizio di Marco, Gucci’s CEO.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for interesting posts on Gucci!

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