Gucci History and Some Interesting Facts


Gucci History

Gucci history, some interesting facts and my inordinate obsession with the brand

My first experience with Gucci was few years back, when I decided to buy something, being particularly enamored by the brand’s signature motif.

In India, either people are completely aware of such high-end brands or they have got no idea, making them think why these products are of such insane price?

And when outlets of such luxury brands open-up, the sales assistant usually expect people from elite class to walk in. When I stepped into the store, I tried catching the sales guy’s attention by drifting past him numerous times. Although he tried hard not to notice me, finally he had to show me a few of small leather items quite reluctantly.

my first gucci

I could only buy a leather cardholder, the only thing I could afford at the time. My inordinate passion with this brand has since then solidified mostly because of this fashion house’s legacy and aesthetic.

Such is the power of this brand that American rapper 2 Chainz had once said, “When I die, burry me inside the Gucci store.” Such is the mania of this brand across the globe! This edition is all about Gucci history with some interesting facts. Read on!

Whenever Italy is mentioned, some think about magnificent citadels, chateau, red wine and food. There are also some people, who instantly relate this country to fashion, leather and of course Gucci….

gucci biography

The Gucci handbags from this Italian fashion house have now become the basic essence of a modern-day woman’s wardrobe. Designer clothing is always expensive, but women believe that spending a small fortune on a luxury handbag can be a real investment since bags, unlike dresses can be worn daily for years to comes and they are never out of fashion.

Gucci History

Guccio Gucci, the foudner of this luxury brand had spent many years working in London’s Savoy Hotel. He worked as an elevator attendant in this hotel; the job which was the real inspiration behind his brand.

Being an elevator attendant in one of the most lavish hotels in Europe, he came in contact with A-listers like Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Claude Monet. This inspired by him to open his own high-end leather luggage and this is how he launched his brand in 1921.

guccio gucci founder gucci

He went back to Italy and started selling leather bags to horsemen and attachable leather bags for saddles. He utilized the skills of local Tuscan artisans and slowly graduated into luxury luggage with the onset of non-equine carriages and  transport.

Within a few years the label was enjoying growing success, the cosmopolitan international elite holidaying in Florence converged on Gucci’s bottega on a quest for his equestrian inspired Gucci shoes, bags, trunks, gloves and belts.

When obtaining leather had become almost impossible, Gucci was the first to come up with the idea of the embossed canvas that is now a mainstay of the brand. The Diamante canvas was then completely forgotten until it was debunked by Giannini in the Gucci archives and was sold in limited edition of classic Gucci handbags, shoes and leather goods.

gucci horsebit

Most of his clients were Italian horse-riding aristocrats, the call for riding gear led him to develop his signature Horsebit logo in early 50s. Initially it was used on saddle-stitched handbags and then it was upgraded to silk and later it was seen in components of Gucci jewelry.


He led his brand until his death in 1953, when his sons took over his business. They took the brand to new heights, making the label synonymous with Hollywood celebs and political giants.
Interesting facts about Gucci

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