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Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

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Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

At some point, all of us have swooned over models and their luscious long locks. You might have often wanted to flip hair over your shoulders and whip it back-forth. But long, beautiful hair is not simple to attain and takes time to grow. This is the reason why hair extensions are a good option! You can have your hairstyle transformed within minutes.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are also called hair integrations. The hair extensions uses are adding length and volume of natural hair. Extensions are made up of natural or synthetic hair. One of the best quality hair extensions are virgin natural hair extensions because it helps to protect hair cuticles, giving it the most natural look. If you are low on budget, hair extensions are a cheaper option. They are also convenient for heating and detangling easily. Synthetic hair extensions can be a good choice if you just need a temporary change. They do not need much maintenance as other natural hair extensions.

Types Of Hair Extensions To Choose From:

Before starting on the various types of hair extensions available and its pros-cons, let us first explain the various types of hair quality extensions available. They include synthetic, non-remy, low quality remy, high quality remy, and virgin remy hair.

  • Synthetic hair: This is the cheapest and lowest quality of hair extensions. It is made up of plastic fibers and looks like natural hair. It is made up of low grade acrylic and individual hair fibers.
  • Non-remy hair is cheap human hair with cuticle. This type of hair is mixed with animal hair. The hair is of low quality and does not last for more than a few weeks.
  • Low quality remy hair with cuticle appears soft and shiny. They are coated with silicone and last for one to three washes. These hair extensions cost around $80-100 per pack but are not lasting.
  • High quality human hair with cuticle is a great hair grade. This hair extension is healthy and shiny. The hair will last around five to eight weeks depending upon the treatment.
  • Virgin remy hair is more expensive because it takes more time to process. It can last up to a year or more because it is selected by hand and processed differently.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions:

Hair extensions are becoming popular and many salons today offer the services. While few extensions are glued or clipped to natural hair, other hair extensions are braided to the scalp and sewn into the scalp. But before getting hair extensions, it is also important to know its pros and cons.

Hair Extensions Pros And Cons:

Before settling in for usage of Hair Extensions, you should weigh the pros and cons of different types of hair extensions.

Hair Extension Pros:

You do not have to wait for months for your hair to grow back while getting hair extensions. This is one good hair extension advantage.

Hair extensions come in varying colors, textures, and lengths. If you have straight hair, you can try curly hair. Or if you have short hair, you can style-up hair extensions for special occasions. You can experiment with different colors and texture combinations as desired without damaging your natural hair.

Good quality hair extensions can last up to three months and you can style the hair extensions just like you style your natural hair. To some extent, the extensions are easier to style than your own natural hair and especially if you’re natural hair has a different texture.

Hair Extension Cons:

The scalp should be strong and should support hair growth. But normally, it should take several months for your hair to grow back so that the scalp has time to adjust to the added weight. When new hair is suddenly added on the scalp, it can cause damage and irritation. The hair extensions can also damage the hair in the way they are attached. In the same way, tight braids can cause hair breakage at the roots and glue can burn the scalp or weaken hair shaft.

You might also experience hair problems like dandruff and scalp irritations if natural hair oils and shampoo residue are trapped between the braids.

Good quality extensions are quite expensive. For getting the most natural looking hair extensions without damage, you should visit a professional stylist. They can offer high quality hair extensions. The price for hair extensions can range from a couple of thousands of rupees, depending on the attachment method, hair type, and the salon you visit.

Hair extensions might take hours to be applied depending on the length, number of extensions, and application method. In some cases, it may extend up to six to eight hours in the salon while the hair is applied.

Pros And Cons Of Different Hair Extensions:

With that, here are few more pros and cons of different types of hair extensions:

1. Weave Extension

The weave hair extension involves creating a horizontal cornrow in your hair. After that, sew your hair extensions with the help of needle and cotton thread. Thereby the extensions are woven through your natural hair. Weave extensions are commonly worn by African women owing to their thick hair.


It takes two to four hours to attach and two to three months to stay.



These hair extensions take 60-90 minutes to attach and four to six weeks to stay in.


  • Semi-permanent and last from 6-12 weeks
  • Simple to maintain
  • Easily washable and styled
  • Quick application
  • Simple to remove


  • Made from synthetic or low-quality human hair
  • Not all tape extensions have clear adhesive strip so they might be seen through your natural hair
  • Less mobility compared to natural extensions
Tape in Hair Extension - Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Source: hairextensioncourses.info

3. Pre-bonded or Fusion Hair Extension

Pre-bonded is also known as fusion hair extension. This method requires a well-experienced hair professional. The procedure starts with using a Keratin U-tip bond that is lined up with silicone. The hair extension is then bonded with the hair roots using a heating tool. Thereafter, the silicone lining protects your hair from heat damage.


This session takes about six to eight hours to attach and four to six for staying in.


  • Discreet.
  • It is one of the most permanent methods of hair extensions and lasts around six months depending on natural hair growth.
  • Simple to maintain and treatable as natural hair.
  • Commonly made out from high-quality natural hair.


  • Application tensions make use of glue adhesives or polymers which are petroleum based and causes thinning.
Pre Bonded or Fusion Hair Extension - Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Source: tressup.co.uk

4. Micro-Loop Hair Extension

Micro-loop hair extensions feature small hair bundles that are looped through small sections of your natural hair. The hair extension is then secured with a metal bead clamped around it and a pair of pliers. Another convenient version called the micro-loop or micro-link hair extensions comes attached with a loop and bead. So they do not require a loop tool for attachment.


It takes about four to five hours to attach the hair extensions and two to three months for it to stay in.


  • Easily moved up the hair shaft, and is a cost effective option.
  • Lasts around 12 months.
  • The application is relatively painless.


  • Have a tendency to slip down hair shaft and require frequent attention.
  • Mostly made from low-quality hair and require trimming.
  • The use of metal micro links may damage your natural hair.
  • When heat is applied, the metal heat increases the hair inside the clamp. This process increases hair breakage.
Micro Loop Hair Extension - Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Source: hairextensionexperts.co.za

5. Clip-in Hair Extension

Clip-in hair extensions are the best option if you desire longer hair within minutes. For this process, hair wefts with clip are attached at the top. You can then clip these hair extensions at the hair roots.
These clip-in hair extensions are two to eight inches in size.


Clip-in hair extensions take about 5—10 minutes to attach in. You can put and remove the hair extensions whenever you want to.


  • Easy application
  • Easily removable
  • Buy these hair extensions in multiple colors and styles to change your look daily


  • Cannot be used for extended time duration as the clip can cause hair breakage.
  • You need to remove the hair extensions before bedtime.
  • The cheaper price range can only mean the hair quality is low quality and is not long-lasting.
Clip in Hair Extension - Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Source: adworks.pk

6. Cold Fusion Hair Extension

Cold fusion hair extensions are quite similar with hot fusion hair extension method. The sole difference is that the cold treatment features the use of pre-tipped keratin based polymer that is needed to be attached at the hair roots. You may also need a special tool to do the cold treatment as it does not require heat application.


You may require four to six hours to attach the hair extensions. And allow about two to three months for it to stay in.


  • There is no heat involved in this process. Therefore, it does not cause hair damage.
  • The hair extensions can be applied closely to the roots. It can be blended well with your natural hair.
  • It is recommended for fine hair.



  • It takes a long time to put the hair extensions.
  • The clamping tool can lead to hair breakage.
  • The hair extensions are not reusable.
  • You may experience headache or irritation for few days after application.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are not cheap. It depends on how much you buy and the type of hair extensions you make use of. The cost can range from hundreds to thousands of rupees, including maintenance every six to eight weeks. Clip-in retail available hair extensions are priced at Rs.2000-Rs.3000, and other high-quality extensions cost between Rs.5000-Rs.10, 000. You will also need to devote at least four to six hours for the initial setup.

It will be best to consult an experienced hairdresser to achieve the best results. They may advice on how the hair extensions will be removed and how much damage to natural hair can be minimized.

Treatment After Getting Hair Extensions:

There are several types of hair extensions that require different treatment depending on your hair texture. Here are few steps to help you care for your hair and prevent hair extension disadvantages:

  • Hair extensions can be treated as natural but in a gentle manner.
  • Make use of a special brush suitable for extension in order to avoid hair damage.
  • Use a gentle shampoo and cold water to treat hair tangles.
  • Make use of a light conditioner to treat hair tangles and for keeping hair healthy.
  • Keep your hair in a ponytail or braid to prevent bed-head and knots.

While the use of hair extensions provides you the freedom to play with your hair, they can also damage your hair if done wrong. Therefore, ensure that you choose and consult the right stylist for getting the best option.

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