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Here Are 10 Times When Dia Mirza Looked Strikingly Pretty and Breathtakingly Stunning!

by Fashionlady
Dia Mirza Birthday

Dia Mirza Birthday

It isn’t often that we fall in love with celebrities. Of course, we fall in love with them momentarily when we look at them all dolled up, but only few celebrities have made a permanent place in our hearts.

One of those happens to be Dia Mirza. She’s got style, grace, elegance and an air of royalty around her. Coming from the city of Nawabs – Hyderabad, Dia Mirza is one actress whose memory will forever be etched in our hearts.

As Dia Mirza celebrates her birthday today, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and pick up occasions where she looked strikingly pretty and breathtakingly stunning as mentioned above!

But before we start, have you ever thought to yourself what are Dia Mirza beauty secrets? Because we think about them very often! She has such flawless skin!

1. Let’s Start By Showing How Beautiful Dia Mirza Without Makeup Is.


Dia Without Makeup

Source: instagram.com

2. Dia Mirza Looked Gorgeous At Her Wedding, We All Have To Agree To That.

Only Ritu Kumar could have done justice to Dia Mirza’s wedding outfit!

Dia Mirza Wedding

Source: intoday.in

3. And Even Prettier On Her Reception!

This Shantanu and Nikhil outfit made us go green with envy!

Dia Reception

Source: wordpress.com

4. If Only Someone Could Give Us Dia Mirza Makeup Tutorial!


Dia Makeup Tutorial

Source: instagram.com

5. Take a Look At Her Sunbathing!

She looks absolutely stunning with minimal makeup.

Dia Sunbathing

Source: instagram.com


6. Here Is Dia’s Wild Hair Don’t Care Moment

She does look like a lioness, right?

Dia Wild Hair

Source: instagram.com

9. Here’s One Picture When Dia Mirza Channeled Her Inner Princess

Just in case you are curious, this gown was designed by Pallavi Mohan for Not So Serious.

Dia Mirza in Pallavi Mohan

Source: femina.in

10. Remember That Time She Made Silk Saree Look Sexy?

Isn’t Dia Mirza most beautiful?

Dia in saree

With such beauty overload so early in the morning, we need coffee to calm our systems. But before we sign off – here’s wishing Dia Mirza a very happy birthday!

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