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Here’s an Ode to Jaya Bachchan – The Queen of Our Hearts

by Fashionlady
Here’s an Ode to Jaya Bachchan

Jaya Bachchan made her debut as an actress in Bollywood with Mahanagar, and soon progressed to do lead roles in movies like Guddi, Uphaar, Koshish and Kora Kagaz. It didn’t take her long to become one of the leading ladies of Bollywood, and she soon began ruling the tinsel town.

Back then, it was easy. Your simplicity did the trick, and Jaya Bachchan was simple, beautiful and fun to work with!

As each movie passed, you could see her grow as an actress, as a person and also as a star. Her saree’s made huge fashion statements and her innocent two braids look was what girls died over. Her long tresses were lusted over and her million dollar smile was what made men weak in their knees. Just like Aishwarya Rai, Jaya Bachchan was a super star in every bit of the word.

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Years passed by and she fell in love with the angry young man of Bollywood and they eventually tied the knot.

amitabh jaya bachchan

Source: idiva.com

Despite their height differences, the couple made waves in Bollywood for looking spectacular and displaying sparkling chemistry! Their love could be spotted from any corner of the room.


Jaya Bachchan has been an epitome of strength, character, beauty and power to many women. She faced it all in her life and came back on top as a survivor every single time.

She made it big in tinsel town without any ancestral help. Then, she married the man of her dreams and stood by his side despite his shortcomings. When her husband hit rock bottom, she didn’t taunt him or leave him, instead she made him stronger than ever.

Jaya Bachchan

Source: indiatimes.com

Today, Amitabh Bachchan might be a big star, but what goes unnoticed is his wife’s unconditional love, encouragement and support.

But she didn’t stop there. If Amitabh Bachchan could have a career, then so could she. She continued acting in various movies and kept attending award shows to keep herself entertained. Then she joined politics and spoke for women empowerment, women rights and right for education. With the popularity that she had, she touched the lives of many with her strong words.

Today, Mrs Bachchan stands as an inspiration to many young women who want to have it all – a career, a loving husband, a caring family, success, fame and peace.

Could there be anything that this woman didn’t do? We don’t think so!

Happy Birthday Mrs Bachchan! We will always love you and keep rooting for you. For you are, and will be our Queen.

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